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5K Training with a PR in mind


In 2007 I decided I wanted to run a 5K. Several of my online friends were doing it and I thought, hey, if they can do it so can I! So I found a group in Urbana, Illinois called the Beginning Women’s Running Group that had a goal of getting you to run a 5K by the end of the summer.

I had a BLAST, met the woman who is now in charge of the Illinois Marathon along with many other awesome women, and I ran my first 5K in September 2007. Since then I’ve run more 5Ks than I can count, 19 half marathons, 4 marathons, 3 sprint triathlons, and many races of a variety of other distances.

My 5K PR is currently 9 minutes and 59 seconds faster than my very first 5K. But other than that first 5K I ran back in 2007 I haven’t ever trained specifically for a 5K.


Photo from my very first 5K. Yes, that’s me.

All of that changes now. This past week I started the Intermediate 5K training program from Hal Higdon with my eyes on trying for a new personal record at the Park Ridge Charity Classic on September 24th.

I haven’t followed a running training plan for quite a while. And I’m certainly not giving up my strength training. Plus I’ve got one more sprint triathlon on the calendar. So, it’s going to be interesting figuring out how to fit it all in.

I plan to include my current week’s training in upcoming Fitness Friday posts so I hope you’ll follow along if you find it interesting!

Training started in earnest on August 1st and this is what I did:

  • Monday¬†8/1- Leg strength workout
  • Tuesday 8/2 – Upper body strength workout and 3 mile run
  • Wednesday 8/3 – 5×400 run w/1 mile warmup (on the treadmill)
  • Thursday 8/4 – Rest day
  • Friday 8/5 – Upper body strength workout and 3.25 mile run
  • Saturday 8/6 – Half mile swim and 5 mile run
  • Sunday – Rest


P.S. If you’re looking for a fall 10K or half marathon to run I highly recommend the Hero Half & 10K. As you can see from Valerie’s race entry giveaway post, I even like to dress the part. Head over there to enter to win a race entry yourself and join us. Super hero costume not required but definitely encouraged.