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Five Goals for August

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First, let’s talk about last month. What were my goals for July?

  1. Have lunch at 3 Greens Market and then show Jason my office at work. – Totally did not happen. Jason raced his car quite a bit in July and when he wasn’t racing I was either working or volunteering at races of my own. Two different kinds of racing, though. Anyway, this could still happen in August but our weekends are already filling up!
  2. Do one open water swim. – YES! I did it AND I swam an entire mile, which is my longest open water swim to date.  In fact, I’m now planning to do one more sprint triathlon this summer and then next summer I’ll go up in distance and do at least one Olympic/International distance tri instead of just sticking to Sprint distances.
  3. Get a boozy sno cone at Expat – Our dishwasher broke last week and the silver lining was that I had to take the dog to daycare and stay home to wait for the repair guy to come over. Once Jason got home after work we walked to pick up Chewie from daycare and stopped at Expat on the way. I not only got a boozy snowcone but I also tried their boozy freeze pops.expat-drinks
  4. Read In the Unlikely Event for book club  – Yep! And I enjoyed it quite a bit. I recommend it if you like a good story filled with lots of interesting characters.
  5. Take Chewie to the dog beach – This didn’t happen, either. My main issue with the dog beach is that the traffic to get there and back is usually horrible and I HATE sitting in traffic.

So, I suppose three out of five isn’t bad! This exercise of doing five small goals a month, though, is starting to give me the confidence to lay out some bigger goals, especially for 2017 and beyond. But let’s start with August:

  1. Complete another sprint distance triathlon
  2. Finish in the top three in the fitness competition at my gym (I’m currently in second place)
  3. Try the new Umami Burger that opened in our neighborhood
  4. Start an 8 week training program to try and PR at a 5K at the end of September
  5. See the new Ghostbusters movie

What do you want to accomplish this month?