July Shopping Summary



Leggings – Onzie c/o Shopbop (sold out but these are similar and adorable) | Sandals – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same, seen here)

If you follow anyone via social media who occasionally blogs about clothes you probably saw about 1000 posts dealing with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the past two weeks. But you didn’t see one from me.


Because I’m still sticking to my not spending my own money on clothes challenge! Both items above I got courtesy of my partnership with Shopbop and were paid for by my monthly Shopbop stipend.

And while, yes, I certainly “window shopped” the Nordstrom sale, I honestly didn’t feel like I HAD to buy something. And since I wasn’t buying I didn’t feel like it would make sense for me to blog about it. Although I’m sure the affiliate link income would have been nice.

Speaking of which, those links above do not earn me any money per-click but they do let Shopbop know that people are visiting their site because I’m talking about it. Which in turn allows me to continue my partnership with them. Also, I’m bummed that those leggings sold out before I posted about them here. I did share them on Twitter and Facebook when they were still in stock, though, so definitely follow me there for more up-to-the-minute announcements of things I love.

To be honest, though, I did almost break down and buy a few things. Mostly for the gym. Like this shirt from Jekyll & Hyde Apparel, this top from Old Navy or these shorts, as recommended by my personal trainer.

But, I have other things I want to save my money for so I stuck to my guns and didn’t bust out my credit card. Although, it was tempting!

6 replies on “July Shopping Summary

  1. Valerie

    Seriously well done this month (and past months)…that’s amazing! Two great items this month…those leggings are awesomesauce.

  2. Jessica

    I was so tempted to shop the Nordstrom sale, too but like you I stuck to my guns this time around. Moving to a much smaller space was a GREAT motivator to saving $$! I purged so many clothes from my wardrobe, and it really made me realize that i have a LOT of stuff, and I really do not need any more stuff for a long time. My goal is no more clothing til December.
    Absolutely love those sandals you snagged!

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Oooh, that is a really cute tank from Old Navy. I would’ve been tempted, too! I have a North Face one in a similar style and I really like it (although the back keyhole gets completely covered up by my sports bra, so it doesn’t give me the added ventilation I expected. It’s still cute, though 😛 )

  4. Cassie

    Congratulations on sticking to your challenge! I appreciate your honesty about the links as well, I’m going to go check out those sandals now 🙂

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