Five Goals for July

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It’s that time again to talk about what I want to accomplish this month. Actually, I’m pretty impressed that I’ve been keeping this up since February! Setting goals is weird for me in that I tend to get intimidated and not set them. But, small ones seem to be working.

In fact, I think I did pretty well on June’s goals in addition to all the other stuff I did. Let’s recap:

  1. Run a mile in under 7 minutes. –  Oh, you guys. I got SO CLOSE. So, so close. I did a free timed run at a local park but because it was free we had to defer to some construction equipment that blocked the path for a few seconds. My official time was 7:06 but my watch said 6:55 (it auto-paused during the path blockage). HOWEVER, my watch also measured the course at .96 instead of 1 mile. So, I KNOW I can do a sub-7:00 minute mile in the right conditions. Either way, I’m pretty sure 7:06 is a personal record.
  2. Have weekly date nights with my husband. – We decided that Thursdays were going to be our nights to turn off the tv after one episode of something and play a game or do something else. We stuck to it pretty well. We didn’t do anything too spectacular, but we did have a game night with friends one week and last week when I had to run an errand in the ‘burbs we took the opportunity to go out to dinner and then get ice cream in our old neighborhood (Brown Cow forever!) And one Thursday night we even accomplished goal #3! Which was…
  3. Go to Mario’s Italian Lemonade – We took Chewie and walked over to Mario’s one night after dinner. I admit, I wasn’t that impressed but maybe it’s because it wasn’t super hot outside. I hope to try again when they have peach because I’m told that’s the best flavor to get.
  4. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. –  I downloaded the iPhone app “Waterlogged” and started tracking how much water I drink a day. I discovered pretty quickly that I was already drinking almost a gallon of water every day….and that didn’t include any coffee, tea, or sports drinks. Well okay then! So, this goal ended up being super easy to accomplish. However, I noticed I drink less during the weekends so I need to get better about that.
  5. Go on either one bike ride or one swim with Live Grit– Well, I technically did a swim with them since I did the Esprit de She triathlon and there were a lot of other Live Grit people there. And I did do the first part of my ride to Joliet with them, too. So, I’d say mission accomplished here as well.

I also finished Pretty Girls (definitely recommended if you like mysteries and don’t mind some disturbing stuff) and plan to start In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume since I got invited to a book club for it at the end of the month.

Which brings me to July’s goals!

  1. Have lunch at 3 Greens Market and then show Jason my office at work.
  2. Do one open water swim.
  3. Get a boozy sno cone at Expat.
  4. Read In the Unlikely Event for book club
  5. Take Chewie to the dog beach

Do you have any goals for July?

2 replies on “Five Goals for July

  1. Jessica

    awesome job on the PR mile! My goals for July are to get all the boxes unpacked! There is a huge load of stuff that needs to go to storage, and that will definitely help. We had dinner with a friend last night, but other than that and a quick walk out to Grant Park we’ve not really been out much. Odi did get to run out to the beach this morning and had a little plunge in the lake. He came home very wiggly and happy!

  2. Anne

    Boozy sno cones are a thing?! Well, of course they are.

    Aw, the dog beach! I’ve been debating taking Heidi down on one of my days off, but she never really seems interested in the ponds we walk by, so I’m not sure how much she’d want to jump in the lake! I used to love running near there to check out all the happy dogs though 🙂

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