It was a weird day

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

You know how you have those days when you just want to be comfy but you still have to go to work? How about those days when you pretend that because your pants have back pockets that they’re actually pants and not leggings?

Yeah, I know. I wore leggings.


Shirt – Le Tote (same) | Pants – Le Tote (same) | Necklace – Le Tote (same) | Jacket – Langford Market (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar)

I wore these pants (I’m calling them pants. Live with it.) for a half day at work. I was having one of those days where I just couldn’t make it a full day. I came home, took a bunch of ibuprofen, and curled up on the couch.

And then I wore this outfit to try the Italian lemonade that everyone talks about: Mario’s. I got banana and, well, I have to say I didn’t think it was all that. Maybe it was because it wasn’t hot out. Maybe I just didn’t get the right flavor. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood.

I don’t know. It was a weird day. I wore leggings and didn’t love dessert. I don’t even recognize myself.


2 replies on “It was a weird day

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Oh no! I hope it was just the flavor you got at Mario’s – I really hope to go there sometime this summer (making this summer…exactly the same as all other summers, so who knows if I’ll actually make it haha), and I’ve heard so many good things, I don’t want to be disappointed! Although, I’ve never been particularly fond of anything banana other than straight up bananas or banana bread–banana is a tough flavor to nail artificially, in my opinion–so maybe it was just that flavor?

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