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SIA: The Homecoming

Style Imitating Art

Hey there! It’s Monday and I’m feeling soooo behind! I had a wonderful weekend that included a run, a trip to the dog park, an epic nap, a bike ride that I’ll tell you about on Friday, and getting a ton of sun (while lathered in SPF 100 so don’t worry).

Oh, and eating an entire medium thin crust pizza and then some. Cue the beached whale noises.

Anyway, I’m also behind in taking blog photos so this week might be light. One photo I will take, though, is the one where I interpret this week’s Style Imitating Art piece chosen by Jen.

BerthaLumHomeComingPrint (1)

The Home Coming – 1905 – Bertha Lum – woodblock print

Jen’s got some interesting information about this piece in her post today that I highly recommend you go read. Turns out this piece might not even be the final version!