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Normally I write my blog posts in the evening but lately I’ve been writing them in the morning. The tough thing about that is that I am NOT a morning person. Never have been and I doubt I ever will be.

My alarm goes off at 5AM but I don’t usually drag myself out of bed until 6AM. And the first hour of so of my workday is just lost time as I start at my computer screen trying to wake up.

Of course, I don’t want to come to work later because that would mean having to stay later. Such a dilemma.


Jacket – Velvet c/o Shopbop (same) | Tee – Out of Print Clothing (same) | Jeans – LOFT (same) | Shoes – Sperry (same)

It’s also a dilemma to figure out what to wear this time of year. You have to check the weather everyday, plan for air conditioned offices and possibly sweltering outdoor temperatures. For some reason I’ve been avoiding wearing my utility jacket like a cardigan even though it’s definitely light enough to do so. But last week I decided that I wanted to wear my new library due date tee and needed something to throw over it when in the office. Hence the utility jacket.

This tee is super soft but, warning, it runs SMALL! I’m wearing a medium and probably could have gone up to a large. It’s much more fitted than some of my other tees so that’s probably why I’m not used to the sizing.


Jason asked if the numbers and dates mean anything but I don’t think they do. They’re just an homage to the days when libraries stamped the due date on the card in the back of the book. Now most libraries use little printed out slips of paper. Which, I suppose, is nice since it gives you an automatic bookmark. But I fully admit I miss the stamp.

4 replies on “Stamped Out

  1. Emily @ Out and About

    The tee is adorable! Very unique! It’s perfect for you with your background, too. =)

    I’m with you on the dilemma between outdoors temps and office temps. My office has the AC cranked up so high that sometimes my fingers get numb. But then, when I go outside in the summer heat, it’s literally like going from the freezer to the oven. Sigh.

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I LOVE that shirt! I, too, miss the stamped cards for library book checkouts. Things are a lot more convenient with having just about everything being automated at the library (card catalogs, checkouts, renewals, etc.), but my favorite thing about the stamps was that you could tell when other people read the book! I loved that – knowing that other people had read the same thing I had, and seeing how long the book went between checkouts. Now you never know!

    I also totally feel you on the lost first hour at work. Unless I have to do ALL OF THE THINGS, it takes me to get into the swing of things – and I would call myself a morning person! I’m much more likely to go to bed early and get up early than go to bed late (mostly because I’m never able to successfully sleep in, even if I want to), but man, that first half hour to an hour of work for me is usually pretty rough as I try to work up the motivation to, you know, be productive.

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