Daily Archives: June 10, 2016

My Furry Running Buddy [Fitness Friday]


Two years ago this week we brought Chewie dog into our lives. He was 8 months old at the time and I was dying to take him running. Of course, you’re not supposed to run with dogs until they’re a year old plus it was summer and it was hot. So, I waited until October and then off we went.


People ask how I taught him to run with me and not stop every five feet to sniff or pee or chase birds. Well, he’s not perfect but he definitely knows when we’re on a run that we’re working and not playing. He only pulls on the leash when he see a squirrel (or a bird) and even then it’s only for a second.

He gets super excited when I ask him if he wants to go for a run. He’s always up for any distance ¬†and we’ve even done a few 10 milers together. However, he’d never run an official race since most races in the Chicago area don’t allow dogs. Plus, he’s not always the most well-behaved on-leash when there are strangers around so I wasn’t sure about bringing him somewhere full of people. But, I decided to chance it for the inaugural Top Dog Division at the Super Sunny 5K.


He was SO well behaved! He only barked at one person (sorry, Emily!), let strangers pet him and give him treats, and even made friends with the women at the Pet Supplies Plus tent. And, of course, he ran the 5K with no problems.


I, however, did not have the best race of my life. That’s okay, though. I got to run an official race with my furry running buddy! We didn’t win an award, sadly, but now we have goals for next year.