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I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write and I just can’t come up with anything interesting to say. Is it because I’m tired and my brain’s not functioning at 100%? Is it because I just really don’t have anything interesting to say?


Cardigan – The Limited (same) | Top- Marshall’s (similar) | Skirt – LOFT (similar) | Shoes – c/o Alterre NYC (same)Β 

I can tell you that Jason and I took these photos on Hubbard Street between Green and Ogden in Chicago. The side of the train trestle is adorned with a series of murals known as The Hubbard Street Mural Project. So there’s a little bit of interesting Chicago information.

I can tell you that I ran a 5K with Chewie last Saturday and planted flowers on my balcony on Sunday.


I can tell you that I signed up for a triathlon taking place on Sunday even though I haven’t swum a single stroke since August 2015 or done any triathlon-focused workouts. My wetsuit is probably still full of sand.

I can tell you that I’m trying to stick to my June goals and come up with date night ideas for Jason and I that don’t always involve going out to eat or spending money. Or, really, being outdoors or in crowds for long periods of time. Suggestions?


And I can tell you that I attempted both a squat and a bench press personal record (PR) on Tuesday. I managed a 15 pound PR in my squat but failed at getting a bench press PR. Β Win some, lose some.

So, I don’t know. Did I have interesting things to say after all? You tell me.


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  1. Judy

    Murals are super interesting (particularly your Panda friend), interesting that Chewie made it through his first 5K and looked extremely happy about it in your recent FB post, interesting that you’re “going for it” in regards to the triathlon (good for you!!) and interesting that the little pot holes of life leave us feeling uninteresting when all of those around us see our life as super interesting. BTW – the red skirt is above interesting and you wear it well. All-around interesting post.

  2. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    You told us a lot of things! And I love learning about murals and public art in cities. I’ve been trying to scout out potential murals in Tacoma the few times we’ve been visiting πŸ™‚

    Plus, cute outfit! You know I love me some red, white, and navy!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Salazar recommend that I pick one of these murals for a future SIA. I’m totally going to take her suggestion. Now I just have to pick one. I hope you find some cool public art in Tacoma, too!

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Is Esprit de She this weekend/is that the one you’re considering? If so, I think you’ll be just fine with your lack of recent swimming. *I* feel confident that I could probably do Esprit de She this weekend, and I haven’t swum at all in years. But I don’t have a bike, which is my reliable excuse for not doing triathlons πŸ˜›

    I was going to suggest you guys go to one of the concerts in Millennium Park, as that would not involve going out to eat or spending money, but that doesn’t really fit into the “not outdoors, no crowds” part of the equation. How about a Thursday night at the Art Institute? Free admission for Illinois residents from 5-8! Although if you just hang out in the back and don’t stay for the whole time, you could probably still manage to hit up a Millennium Park concert without feeling too overwhelmed by the crowds (which usually aren’t that terrible on weeknights, in my experience – there’s so much space that you don’t really notice them, I don’t think. But then again I also go to Lollapalooza, so maybe my feelings on this matter are worth taking with a significant grain of salt πŸ˜› ). OR you could go on a Thursday, start at Millennium Park, and then go over to the Art Institute!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yep, that’s the one. The swim is basically in a pool so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Might not beat my time from last year but that’s totally fine! I don’t even remember my time from last year!

      Thanks for the info about the Art Institute! That might be something we could swing. I don’t think we’ve been to the Art Institute together since before we moved to Chicago. We killed time there right after I graduated college when I was getting a same-day passport (back when that was a thing) when I realized less than 3 days before a trip to Italy that mine was expired!

  4. Melissa

    I’m thinking on the “date night” thing. Some things my husband and I have been doing recently (though admittedly nerdy)—maybe will spark some ideas.

    –We joined a live trivia group (with some friends) at a local pub which plays once a week. The trivia is technically free (and there are cash prizes) though we do enjoy dinner and a few beers while we’re out. At home spin would be a home “game night” but I think you mentioned already doing this.

    –“Device free” movie or radio night. The latter usually finds us with a bottle of wine on our patio (and citronella candles to discourage mosquitos) listening to some interesting talk radio programming on satellite radio (we use the app on Matt’s phone). It can range from Howard Stern’s interviews to something a bit more intellectual. The movies idea is that we find something on Hulu or Netflix and both of us put our phones away so that we’re actually focused on the subject at hand.

    Other stuff we’ve been doing lately has mostly been one-off events (outdoors or $$$). Though we’ve also been trying to walk and get our coffee once a week or so and sitting and enjoying the beverage in the shop instead of treating the event like an “errand” and getting it “to go”.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I would TOTALLY be down for live trivia. Just need to find somewhere good.

      My husband has pretty severe ADD so “device free” is really tough for him, especially when watching tv. Especially in the evening when his medication has worn off. We do pretty good with board games, though, so that might be what we stick to for awhile.

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