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Five Goals for June

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It’s time once again to talk about the goals I made for last month and the goals I’m making for June. As I mentioned yesterday, May was a rough month for me. Normally when I say I’m going to do something I make sure I do it. But this past month I wasn’t feeling particularly appreciated in a lot of areas of my life and I think it made me a bit depressed. And, as you probably know, when you’re depressed it can be tough to find the motivation to do stuff.

So, in the interest of honesty and disclosure, here’s are my goals from May and how I did with them.

  1. Complete at least two more chapters in my NSCA book.  – Ha. Ha ha ha. This did NOT happen. Honestly, I’m just not feeling it. The more I learn the less I want to learn. I LOVE working out but I also like having someone else tell me what to do. Trying to learn the science behind it actually takes some of the fun out of it for me. So, uh, anyone want a $400 book? Plus, the trainer I’d been working with at the gym who was my main cheerleader left for an office gig so that didn’t really help my motivation there, either.
  2. Play one of the new board games I just bought – This actually happened! Jason and I played a few games of Castle Panic and started a game of Red November. So far I would say Castle Panic is easier to learn and play.
  3. Go to dinner at a new-to-me restaurant in my neighborhood. – YES! And I made it to MAD Social. We didn’t get to sit outside (May was a special month, weather-wise) but I was happy to get out and try a new place.
  4. Run a mile in under 7 minutes. – Nope. This didn’t  happen either. I did manage .6 of a mile with the treadmill set to 9.0 MPH. I’m pretty sure I can do this and the Chicago Area Runners Association is doing free timed mile events throughout the summer so I’m not giving up on this goal yet!
  5. Read another book. –  I started Pretty Girls and so far I’m really enjoying it! Actually, I’m enjoying it so much that I don’t want it to end! So, I’m dragging it out a bit.

And, you know what, looking at that list I actually completed more than I thought! I’m still torn about what to do with the whole NSCA certification, though. Any thoughts?

Anyway, moving on to my June goals!

  1. Run a mile in under 7 minutes. (yes, this one is staying on the list)
  2. Have weekly date nights with my husband.
  3. Go to Mario’s Italian Lemonade.
  4. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.
  5. Go on either one bike ride or one swim with Live Grit.

How about you? Do you have goals for June that you want to share?


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