Favorite Outfit of May

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I have a feeling I know what outfit you all are going to pick for May. Although, you might surprise me! But, before we get to my pick and your chance to vote, let’s do a little recap of some of what I was up to in May.

  • I worked at the Wisconsin Marathon on what might have been the windiest day ever.
  • I attended the New Leash on Life Dog Prom fundraiser.
  • I had dinner at MAD Social with a blog reader who is moving to Chicago!
  • I went to the summer kick-off party for the Randolph Street Market.
  • We had a low-key 13th wedding anniversary celebration with dinner at our local pub.
  • I watched my husband race his car and took pictures.
  • Rode my bike almost 60 miles in my hometown.
  • Helped my mom with some yard work and hilariously used almost every tool in their garage to do one job.
  • Said goodbye to my favorite personal trainer and started working with a new one.
  • Took Chewie to the dog beach for the first time this year.
  • Wrote 14 blog posts.
  • Helped finalize the Good Life Race’s gift to our charity partners.
  • And, as always, worked my day job.

I’ll get into it a little more in my goals post tomorrow, but May was a tough month for me. I’m honestly not sure why, but I’ve been feeling a little lost and aimless. Not sure what that means. Maybe it’s just the change in the seasons!

Anyway, on to happier things. Like awesome outfits! So, which one did I pick as my favorite for May?


Yep, I went with this outfit because I actually wore it twice which is how I know it’s a winner.

Which one is the winner for you? Vote below for your favorite!


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What was your favorite outfit in May?

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4 replies on “Favorite Outfit of May

  1. Jessica

    Oh my gosh girl, I am with you….May was a TOUGH month. It kind of takes my breath away when I think of all the obstacles that were thrown my way. Came out still breathing and walking though, so I guess that says something?
    Hope that June is a better month for you…and me, too!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Yay, we have the same favorite! I believe I already declared this my favorite outfit of May in the comments on that post, but now it’s official 🙂 Although I do have to say I REALLY like your dress in the last picture, too.

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