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Getting in enough protein for recovery when weight lifting doesn’t have to be difficult with this shop, which has been compensated by CollectiveBias, Inc. on behalf of its advertiser, EAS Sports Nutrition. #easbrand #PowerinProtein #collectivebias


It feels a bit weird to call myself a “power lifter” but, hey, when your trainer at the gym says you’re doing power lifting then I guess the shoe fits.

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One of the things I’ve learned since I began power lifting is that my body needs way more protein than it used to. In fact, I once read that you should be eating around one gram of protein for every pound you weigh if you’re trying to build muscle. Well, I AM trying to build muscle so I’m aiming for at least 125 grams of protein per day. How do I get it all in?

Let’s take a look at a typical Thursday.

I get up, shower, do my hair & make-up, get dressed and pack my gym bag. Then I start my breakfast around 7AM. Breakfast consists of half a cup of oatmeal made with half a cup of almond-cashew milk, half a cup of water, three tablespoons of powdered peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey. I also have two egg whites with some salt and pepper. This makes up 24 grams of protein.

While my breakfast is cooking I make my lunch and my protein shake for the day. I recently purchased some EAS® 100% Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla from Walmart. I drink a protein shake after every workout since 20-30 grams of protein post-workout helps optimize recovery. Since it’s part of my regular meals I always forget it’s in the Diet and Nutrition Bars aisle at the grocery store but, hey, that’s where you’ll find it.

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Anyway, I don’t do anything crazy with my protein shake. In fact, I don’t even use a typical shaker bottle! Nope. I use an empty (clean) almond butter jar.

To make my super-simple protein shake, add one to two scoops of EAS® 100% Whey Protein Powder to the jar. Add one cup of your choice of milk. Mine, again, is almond-cashew. Then all you have to do is shake. See? You get a little bit of an arm workout in, too!


If you make your drink the night before and put it in the fridge any little clumps or powder stuck to the inside of the jar will dissolve overnight. See? Told you it was simple!

After I make my lunch and eat my breakfast it’s off to work where I enjoy my one cup of coffee with a splash of half & half while I check my email and make my to-do list.

Around 9AM or so I typically have a small snack. Right now it consists of 4-8 reduced fat vanilla wafers. I eat my second snack of a banana, fat free Greek yogurt and cinnamon around 10:30. I head to the gym at 11:30 so I want to get in some protein and carbs beforehand. Total protein for the snack? 20 grams.

For the past three months Thursdays have been deadlift day. I do a series of deadlifts, increasing my weight each time. The key is to figure out your one rep max and then you calculate a percentage of that and do 5, 3 or 1 rep(s) depending on the week. It’s called Big But Boring.

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After the first series of deadlifts I do 5×10 Romanian or Straight Leg Deadlifts and 5×15 Russian Twists or Captain’s Chair Leg Raises. All in all, it takes about 45 minutes.

I don’t get that sweaty so I typically just wipe myself down, touch up my make-up, blow dry the roots of my hair, change back into my office clothes and head back to work. My gym is in my office building so it’s super convenient.

Then I eat lunch at my desk! Lunch consists of spinach & arugula with cucumber, tomato, carrots, 4-5 ounces of whatever protein I have leftover from dinner the night before (this past Thursday it was pork tenderloin), balsamic vinegar and, of course, my protein shake. Total protein grams, including the shake? 45 grams!


Because I drink a protein shake almost every single day I look for one that actually lists all the ingredients on the label. Some brands like to list “proprietary blends” instead of calling out the actual ingredients and their amounts. I prefer to avoid those when possible which is why EAS® is a good choice since they list exactly what and how much is in there.

Around 3PM I typically eat an apple with about a tablespoon of peanut butter. This adds 4 more grams of protein to my day.

When I get home around 5:30 PM I unwind with a beer or a glass of wine while I start dinner. The actual meal varies but always includes four to six ounces of meat (chicken, turkey or pork), four to five ounces of veggies, and about six ounces of carbs. I aim to get in another 40-50 grams of protein with dinner.

Then, if I have protein, carbs and fat macronutrients left for the day (yes, I track them all) I’ll have some low-fat ice cream for dessert. Or, if I need more protein, I’ll toss a scoop or two of protein powder and a cup of milk into the blender with a bunch of ice and have a protein milkshake!

All of this seems to be working since I can now do three pull-ups in a row, can deadlift over twice my body weight, can bench press over 100 pounds, and can squat almost 200. And, believe it or not, I do it all without feeling super sore! I chalk that up to my protein intake helping with recovery and muscle building.

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I love weight lifting and I have a new-found love of power lifting. Which is why I’m intrigued by the show “Strong” on NBC. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about gaining strength, both mentally and physically. I truly feel that weight lifting can change your outlook on life and make you more confident and it seems that this show is aiming for that as well.  So, check out the New NBC Show S.T.R.O.N.G where EAS® products will be featured on the June 2nd episode. (9pm EST 8pm CST)

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Want to learn more about how protein can help you get stronger? The #PowerinProtein inspiration page has recipes, videos, and tons of people to follow to learn more. Or leave your favorite way to get protein in your life in the comments below!