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To those of you in the United States, I hope you’re joining me in celebrating Memorial Day. Memorial Day in Chicago, is, among many things, the “official” kick-off to summer. So, I suppose, it’s only appropriate that today I show how I interpreted a painting called “Spring.”


Yeah, I know. Just go with me here.

Anyway, I got this dress in my latest Le Tote shipment and wore it on Friday night to the summer kick-off party for the Randolph Street Market. I also decided that the blue color and the texture of the fabric went perfectly with some of the cards in the inspiration painting.


Dress – Le Tote (same) | Shoes – c/o Alterre NYC (same) | Necklace (similar


The weather in Chicago decided to be amazing this weekend and has blessed us with sunny and warm days that are perfect for taking the dog to the park, watching my husband race his car, and going for a run. And drinking some cocktails at the Randolph Street Market Garden Party, of course.


Clearly I didn’t take these photos at the Garden Party. I took them at the under-construction-party. But now that the weather is nice I tend to ride a bike home from work and I pass this corner almost every day. I like that it gives a unique view of the Sears Tower and, interestingly enough, my parents’ condo. In fact, it’s staying in that condo that made me fall in love with city living.

Now I’m here, taking photos with this in what is almost my backyard. Crazy. Summer in Chicago is the other reason we all live here, by the way. So of course I’m looking forward to it!


I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday for the round-up of all the awesome outfits that have been submitted for this round of Style Imitating Art. Yes, I know, it’s supposed to be Tuesday but I have a post coming up tomorrow about how I get in enough protein for power lifting. Hopefully you’ll find that interesting, too. Otherwise, come back Wednesday!

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  1. Mike

    Memorial day is off to a great start for me! I got all of my cooking done yesterday (usually I end up cooking the day of and the whole day is shot) so I can relax for a bit and enjoy the nice weather that we’re finally getting here. And like Chicago, we consider Memorial day to be the “unofficial” start of summer as well, and it feels very much like summer has arrived!

    Anyway, onto the SIA,

    I think that you did a great job with your interpretation for this SIA, Erin. The color matches very well to some of the blues seen in the painting, as well as the texture patterns in your dress add a nice touch to the look. Great job!

    I’ve also noticed, not just here, but in several of your photos since I’ve started posting here, is that sometimes you pose with the Willis Tower (used to be called the Sears Tower) in the background. From a visual perspective, it’s a nice juxtaposition between you and the building, which makes for a great backdrop all the way around. You’re so lucky to have such an awesome skyscraper in your city! We have two here in Akron, but they are not nearly as tall (or as cool looking) as this one.

    Looking forward to Wednesday’s post for the round-up!

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