May Shopping Summary



Library Stamp Tee | Leggings (30% off this weekend!) | Tanks (on sale!) | Workout Top (30% off this weekend)

So, in my quest to not spend money out of my bank account, I failed a little bit when I went to Target after having three drinks. This is what happens when I have to walk home past Target after going out for dinner and alcoholic beverages and I’m left to my own devices! I also bought underwear but you’re not getting pictures of that. For shame.

The tee is something I’ve admired on Jen for years and when I saw Out of Print was having a sale I couldn’t resist any longer. I still had a Visa gift card with money on it from doing a survey so that’s what I used to buy the tee.

Earlier this month I ordered these jeans with my Shopbop credit but they were WAY too big so I ended up returning then. After reading some reviews, I decided to try these and these (both on sale) instead. As I write this, they haven’t arrived so I don’t know if I’m keeping either of them.

I’m also considering ordering these shorts since I have a $50 Express gift card and I want another pair of denim shorts. And these are 40% off.

And then there are these Bucketfeet shoes. You guys. They are ADORABLE. Especially for a dog lover. Do I dare splurge?

Overall, though, I’m in this funk where I want to ditch everything in my closet and stick to simple items. That probably wouldn’t make for a very interesting blog, though, now would it?

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4 replies on “May Shopping Summary

  1. valerie

    Those leggings! I thought they were real sequins at first haha. So fun! I also just grabbed some layering tanks from Costco online…hope they work out, otherwise I’ll try Target’s.

    And I’m totally feeling you on the purge thing. I’m gravitating towards more simple stuff, especially color-wise. More neutrals for sure and if I do go with colors, it’s usually more solids and no patterns, which is all I had before, hence the need to purge. But I think it is “blog worthy”– I think a lot of people are gravitating towards the simplistic looks- more remixable, less decision fatigue, etc. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself!)

  2. Jessica

    haha! Those shoes are too funny!
    I love that library stamp T, so cute. I just did a huge closet purge before the packers came and boxed up all of our household goods. I will likely do another one as I am unpacking during the move-in once we land in Chicago.

  3. Kyle

    Those dog shoes are super, super cute. I would absolutely buy those in a heartbeat. Great buys this month!

  4. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    YESSSSSSS on buying the due date stamp tee! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    How many years have we been talking about doing another “mutually inspired” post for casual outfits… this tee will have to be part of it! How about we set something up for sometime later this summer??

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