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SIA: Spring Fabrics

Style Imitating Art

Guess what? It’s my turn to pick the Style Imitating Art inspiration piece this week. Choosing something isn’t as easy as you might think, though! So here was my thought process.

  1. I wanted something related to Chicago somehow.
  2. I wanted something with a lot of colors and patterns.
  3. I wanted something relevant to the season.

Which is how I ended up picking “Spring” by Charles Demuth.



This painting is part of the permanent collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. Painted in 1921 it depicts the sample cards used to advertise new spring fabrics. The Art Institute website writes, “By titling his painting Spring, Demuth wryly highlighted the new reality of American life, in which the changing of seasons was heralded not by nature but by commerce.”

I’m not sure how much I agree with that, considering when I start seeing swimsuits in the store in February I know it’s not summer yet! But, hey, I guess there’s still some truth to the statement.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the outfits you create based on this artwork. Don’t forget to send them to looplooks@gmail.com by 8PM U.S. Central Time on Monday, May 30th so you can be featured in the round-up on the 31st. Mirror selfies and flat lays are more than welcome and you don’t need to be a blogger to participate.