Favorite Outfit of April

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Here we are at the end of another month! Time for a quick recap of the fun things I did before we get to picking our favorite outfit from the past 30 days or so.

Let’s see….what did I accomplish in April?

And I’m sure other stuff I’m forgetting. I am super swamped at my day job right now and, while I love to be busy, it does leave my brain pretty drained by the end of the day!

So, let’s move on. Favorite outfit of April? Well, to be honest, I struggle with spring weather. I also struggled getting outfit photos consistently. In a way, I feel like maybe the outfit I loved the most didn’t get photographed. So, instead of being the best outfit of April, this is just a tribute.


Even though I said this jacket made me feel a little bit like a linebacker, I just keep gravitating towards this outfit when I look at the pictures. Whether it’s the red or the pattern mixing or just that I remember being comfy when I wore it, this outfit stands out as my favorite for the month.

So, now, what’s yours? Don’t forget to vote below!


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What was your favorite outfit of April?

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6 replies on “Favorite Outfit of April

  1. Jessica

    And add to your list of accomplishments for April that you prevented me from having a total nervous breakdown regarding moving to the city with my two dogs! Seriously…I was on the verge of a COMPLETE and utter meltdown! Thanks a million!!

  2. Kaci

    I might be biased because I just picked up a pair of olive pants and am looking for style inspiration, so I went with those!

  3. Emily @ Out and About

    You’re so great at mixing patterns! I still shy away from doing so because I don’t feel like I can do so stylishly vs looking like a clown – but that scarf and shirt work super well together!

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