April Shopping Summary


Hey guys! It’s time, once again, to take a look at items that joined my closet this month. Once again I was able to only purchase items either with store credit or with dollars I earned from doing survey stuff. I’m doing really well this year!


Jeans | Top | Black Jeans | Purse

I fully admit it’s silly to pay money for jeans with holes in them, but I keep seeing the look on people online and in real life and, well, I like it. So, since I had some Old Navy cash and there was a sale I scooped these up after seeing them on Bri. They’re lighter in person and tighter on my calves and ankles than pictures but nothing I can’t handle. They’re just the right amount of destroyed and for the price I really couldn’t beat it. I haven’t worn them on the blog yet but I am actually wearing them as I type this post.

The top (seen here) was also a good price thanks to my Le Tote membership and I still have some credit left from being an ambassador (and people signing up using my referral link). Speaking of which, I have three more free Tote codes to give away! Leave me a comment if you’re interested. Anyway, this top will be a replacement for one that I’m taking to the consignment shop.

The black jeans (seen here) are also something I’ve seen on almost every blogger under the sun. I purchased them during the last Shopbop sale since my current black jeans are fading. These are also tighter in the ankle than I was expecting and they don’t conform to my shape like everyone said they would, but it’s not worth returning. Now I just hope I can keep them from fading.

Finally, the purse was something that Le Tote recommended to me and I decided to give it a try. It has pockets on both sides which is perfect since I need quick access to my phone and my work ID. We just changed offices and now we have to use our ID to get into the building. I hate having to dig for it so having it easily accessible via the pocket is perfect. I have two purses I’ll be taking to consignment, too, now that I have this one!

Also, during the Shopbop sale I ordered these booties but, alas, they didn’t work out. The sizing was odd and they just felt too big around my ankles. So, I’ll just stick to my TOMS Cheetah wedges when I need a pair of tan booties. I’m wearing those today, too. In fact, two of my coworkers like them so much they ordered pairs for themselves!

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8 replies on “April Shopping Summary

  1. valerie

    Bravo for another month of awesome budgeting! I am the same way with purses– it has to have at least one outside pocket for my cell phone so it doesn’t get lost in the main compartment.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Exactly! I don’t typically like purses with zippers, either, but for some reason this one didn’t bother me enough. The two outer pockets were more important.

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Man, lucky you – my Old Navy skinny jeans aren’t tight enough through the calves/ankle. They fit comfortably, but they don’t tuck into boots nicely at all – try get all bunched up and look dumb. Sigh. On another note, I’m completely in love with your purse. Color, size, style: yes please to all of the above.

  3. Cassie

    Just a thought on the fading black jeans, have you tried re-dying them? Black is one of those colours you don’t have to worry about colour matching tones on, so maybe you could save your existing jeans?

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