Carmel Half Marathon Race Recap [Fitness Friday]


Last weekend Jason and I drove to Carmel, Indiana so I could run the Carmel Half Marathon. I knew a few other people from Chicago who were running the full marathon and since my in-laws live in Carmel and I’ve already run a half marathon there before (back in December), I figured hey, why not?


My mother-in-law was nice enough to pick up my race packet on Friday since we weren’t going to get into town before packet pick-up closed and there was no race day pickup. I personally find that a bit annoying but I understand that, being the second largest race in Indiana, doing race day pickup is a hassle. So, thankfully I was able to have her do it for me.

The funny thing is that when talking about the race the night before my mother-in-law commented that at least the course would be flat. I just laughed. Compared to Chicago, Carmel is SUPER hilly. I learned that during the last half marathon I ran there!


Welcome to the bottom of a hill. At mile one. 

i won’t go into a ton of details about the race, except to say that I wished there had been more aid stations and that, while I didn’t beat my Can you overdose on cephalexin, I did run a 1:49:11 which is my second fastest time.


The race is nice but, to be honest, I think I had more fun at the Caribbean Christmas Half Marathon I ran there in December. The course for this one was hillier but they did share at least two hills. When I realized I was going to have to run those same hills again I definitely cursed out loud! I think I just prefer smaller events. Although the Carmel “Championship Weekend” was very well organized, had lots of goodies at the finish, and most of the amenities of a big race, I felt it was lacking the “fun” vibe I got from the Caribbean Christmas Half. But, considering the two people I knew who were running got PRs in the marathon and both qualified for Boston, I’d say that this race could be your good luck charm!


When my trainer asked me what I did over the weekend and I said I ran a half marathon he said, “That’s pretty awesome that you can just go kill a half marathon in the middle of power lifting training and just the weights back up two days later.”

Honestly, I really enjoy this mixture of endurance running and strength training. But, I’m also looking forward to taking a slight break from long runs for a bit. I don’t currently have any other races on the schedule and I’m a-okay with that.

Although, if you don’t run a half marathon it’s a bit more difficult to justify hitting up two different breweries. Especially when Union Brewing is within view of the finish line!  Gotta earn that beer (and Instagram bragging).


11 replies on “Carmel Half Marathon Race Recap [Fitness Friday]

  1. Mike

    Congrats on your run, Erin! For a place that you say has many hills, you did terrific! Keep up the awesome work! I’m needing some inspiration to start working out again.

  2. Colleen @ CSmith Run

    Nice job!! I ran this one too! It was a very last minute decision and I was definitely glad I did it. Totally agreed on the hilliness!! It didn’t feel nearly as bad as the St. Louis half I did the prior week, but it was not exactly flat either …did you have to jump that fence around mile 8?? Or were people around you actually going the right way?

  3. Pete B

    I didn’t realize you ran your second-fastest-PR at Carmel? That’s especially impressive considering the hills in Carmel. It was a pretty good day for a race, and even better for chillin’ outside with beer afterwards. It was nice hanging with you and Jason. Congrats!!

  4. Emily @ Out and About

    I read this recap back when you first published it, but am just now commenting. Congratulations, Erin!!! I have heard so much about those hills – so imagine what you could have done on a flat course. You look like a powerhouse in your race photos! Love the pink tank top, too. It fits your perfectly and matches your hat! Also – huge congratulations on CRUSHING your 5K PR in Ravenswood yesterday! Can’t wait to hear your recap of that, too!!!

  5. Anne

    I forgot that your in-laws live in Carmel – that’s easy 🙂 I do like your mother-in-law thinking the course would be flat… definitely not by Chicago standards! But wow, way to run so fast despite the hills! You look awesome in your pictures.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Thanks, Anne! It’s really easy to race in Carmel since my in-laws live there and the town isn’t that big. But, man, the hills! I need to run there more often, I guess.

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