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SIA Round Up: Tiffany Glass

Style Imitating Art

It’s time again to share all the outfits people created using this week’s art inspiration: the Tiffany glass dome in the Chicago Cultural Center.


First up, we have Jen’s friend Stephanie.


Can we talk about the umbrella for a second? It’s a green dome shape! Could that be more perfect for this inspiration? I think not. And then the blues and blacks all together do a great job bringing in the other colors of the glass. Amazing job, Stephanie!

Next we have Jen, with some amazing jewelry!


Those earrings are perfect for this! And paired with all black (and her killer new haircut) they make quite the statement. However, she says in her post that the earrings are really heavy. Go weigh in on what you think she should do with them!

Salazar says she chose her blouse and skirt to echo the intricacy and strong lines of the dome, and her necklace has a zodiac sign on it, to echo the zodiac signs on the top of the dome.


She says she doesn’t much like it as an interpretation but that she loves it as an outfit. I like it for both!

Then we have Mike, whose original suggestion about choosing something to honor National Library Week lead to me to choose the Tiffany dome in the first place!

Tiffany Dome SIA Photo

I really like the black and blue combination. And, hey, he brought in the green with his porch carpeting. Got to love it when the scenery helps out!

UPDATE: Mike wrote me to say that since this outfit wasn’t his original idea, he wanted to send me the original once he had the chance to take pictures. The original plan? Show off all the colors represented by the dome! I say he did a great job!


Next up is Kezzie with her brooch which is lovely addition to her outfit!

SIA 18-4-16

Also, her dress is adorable! I wouldn’t mind having it in my own closet.

Finally, we have me with my abstract take on stained glass patterns.


see the full outfit here

Thank you everyone for participating! I was thrilled to share a piece of Chicago architecture and maybe one of these days I’ll be able to go take pictures with the real thing!

In the mean time, stay tuned for next week’s choice!