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SIA: Tiffany Glass at the Library

Style Imitating Art

Welcome to my second time hosting the Style Imitating Art series! If you need a refresher, this is when either myself, Jen or Salazar pick a piece of art, share it, and encourage YOU to come up with an outfit that is inspired by that piece of art.

One of our regular participants, Mike, emailed me last week to point out that this week is National Library Week. Since several of us who participate regularly are either librarians or have library degrees he thought it would be fitting if I chose some art relevant to  libraries.

I agreed and this is what I chose.



What does this have to do with libraries?

The building currently known as the Chicago Cultural Center opened in 1897 as the first Chicago Public Library. In the room now known as the Preston Bradley Hall people picked up the books they had requested underneath what is still the world’s largest Tiffany glass dome.

If you do a Google image search for this dome you’ll also see that due to the way it’s constructed it actually appears to change color throughout the day, sometimes seeming more blue and sometimes more green and other times, like in this photo, multicolored.

The dome also has the signs of the zodiac inlaid in the center, which is a neat touch, I think.

So, there are lots of ways you could go with this art when it comes to creating an outfit since there are so many colors and patterns and details. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Remember, to participate all you have to do is send a photo of your outfit to looplooks@gmail.com by 7PM Central Time on Monday, April 18th and you’ll be included in the round-up on Tuesday, April 19th. Flat lays, mirror selfies, top-down selfies are all welcome, too!

Oh, and here’s something else:¬†in keeping with the Chicago and library themes, the American Library Association, which sponsors National Library Week, is headquartered in Chicago. Just another fun little connection.