My Top 5 Favorite Shopbop Purchases [on sale!]


Yes, you’re going to see about 100 Shopbop sale posts today. Why? Because those of us that partner with Shopbop really love doing so and when they ask us to post about the sale we want to give back. As I’ve said in the past, their customer service is amazing and I’ve purchased some of my favorite items of all time from them.

And just what are those items, exactly? I’m going to tell you. Some of them are sold out but I’m sure you can find something similar that you love from their current selection. Especially since almost everything is 25% off until April 7th!


So, let’s move on to my favorite Shopbop purchases!

1. Tretorn Polka Dot Sneakers


2. Velvet Jacket


3. Club Monaco Faux Leather Leggings


4. Sam Edelman Boots


5. Koral Activewear Leggings


And what am I planning to buy during this sale that I hope will become a new favorite? I think I’m going to splurge on a pair of the Paige Denim ultra skinny jeans in black. They’ve gotten great reviews from both Audrey and Bri and my current pair of black jeans are fading. Plus 25% off premium denim? Perfect timing.


4 replies on “My Top 5 Favorite Shopbop Purchases [on sale!]

  1. Valerie @ The Style Files

    Such great pieces you’ve accumulated from them– YAY for credits! I just ordered a sweater. It was on sale plus the 25% off so couldn’t beat it. Kind of out of season, sure, but after the past couple days? I bet I could get some wear out of it!

    Do you connect your Amazon Prime account to your Shopbop account? Wonder if that made returns any faster…I don’t have mine connected and it’s taking me a solid week to get returns processed.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I haven’t connected it because our Amazon Prime account is in Jason’s name, not mine. Not sure that would help with returns, though. When I had to exchange the jacket I emailed them first and they were able to send out a new one before I returned the old one. I’m a little worried because I ordered those jeans but I don’t know if I ordered the right size. Probably should have ordered them in multiple sizes and then just returned the ones that didn’t fit!

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    Very cool! Those Koral leggings are awesome. Love the swirling cutout panels! Chewie looks like he really loves your velvet jacket in that second picture, too. I am actually surprised to hear it is velvet – it looks like denim in the picture!

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