What to wear to the dog park

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Speaking of my furry partner in crime, this past weekend we had perfect dog park weather. Well, perfect for spring, anyway. Perfect for Chewie would mean it was warm enough for the kiddie pool and the hose to be out. That boy loves him some water.

Anyway, we took the opportunity to take some weekend casual dog park trip photos.


Jacket – Velvet c/o Shopbop (same) | Shirt – J. Crew (same) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Shoes – Sperry (same

Key components of a dog park outfit?

  1. A jacket with pockets so you can carry extra bags, keys, phone, and maybe a tennis ball.
  2. A shirt that’s easily washable. You will get fur on you.
  3. Jeans. You will get slobbered.
  4. Shoes that you don’t mind if they get a paw print or two on them. You will get stepped on.


You also get to see me in fill-on weekend mode. Meaning, you get to see me with my hair up. I rarely wear my hair up except on weekends. I’m still working on perfecting the messy topknot. My Type A personality has some issues with it.

Strangely, dog slobber and fur don’t bother me nearly as much. Which is why I think I need this t-shirt in my life. Seriously. I don’t think it could be any more accurate.

Chewie, however, was dying to go play, as you can probably see from the photos. And by “play” I mean try to get some dogs to chase him and then give up and stand next to us until we ask him if he wants to go home. He gets along great with other dogs but is also more than happy to be at home. Just don’t ask to come into our apartment without a LOT of warning. He won’t be too thrilled with that.


10 replies on “What to wear to the dog park

  1. Dannie

    Your pup is so cute!
    This is the perfect dog park outfit. Great for running around with the pups and something you can totally get dirty in. I think it’s a dog lover thing but I also don’t mind fur and slobber. And since my pup (@zoethelovenugget on Insta) is a lowrider, throw tons of mud into the equation.


  2. Emily @ Out and About

    Your hair looks super cute when worn up! All those considerations for the perfect dog outfit make a ton of sense – especially the pockets! There’s nothing worse than going to the park and having to hand-carry a bunch of loose items!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I don’t like taking a bag or my purse to the park because it’s just one more thing to keep track of, so pockets are definitely a necessity. As for my hair, that’s a sweet compliment. Thank you!

  3. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    That first photo is so great — it’s like Chewie is smiling! And what a cute casual outfit! I also laughed out loud at your “Type A” personality comment — I totally get it! I can do the top knot, as long as my hair (when it’s long enough) is pulled back tightly from my scalp. I can’t do the “loose strands falling down around my face” thing. It just looks totally unnatural on me, probably because it FEELS totally unnatural to me.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      One of my favorite things about having Chewie in photos is that I never know what I’m going to get until I take the photos off the camera and look at them. This one is just too perfect.

  4. Christina

    Totally loving your boat shoes Erin. Are thy comfortable? I’ve been searching for a comfortable pair of slip on shoes that I can wear without socks. Would you recommend these?

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yes! Sperry’s are definitely worth the money. I wear these basically all spring and summer. I will say, though, that I had to buy them almost full size smaller than my normal shoe size in order to get them to fit in the heel. This means that after a long day when my feet are swollen they can get kind of tight at the toes. But, if you’re not a freak like me with a wide forefoot and a super narrow heel then you most likely won’t have that problem.

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