Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

SIA: Turkish Tulips

Style Imitating Art

This round it’s Jen‘s turn to pick our Style Imitating Art inspiration and she chose a textile print from a Turkish caftan. She felt that the bold, bright colors and the floral motif was a great choice for spring.


This detail is from a caftan from the 16th century of the Ottoman period. As this post states, “Caftans with tulip, cloud and ‘dot’ motifs are frequently encountered in the 16th century when the Turkish art of the fabric was highly advanced.”

So many ways you could go with this inspiration piece. Would you choose red and blue? Add in some gold? Or just use the floral pattern as your base?

Whatever you decide, you can send your photos to Jen by 10 PM Pacific time on Monday, April 4th to be featured in the round up on April 5th.