SIA: Leap Year Frog Outfit Round Up

Style Imitating Art

It’s time, everyone! Time to see how you used “Leap Year Frog” to create an outfit!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.37.23 PM

First up we have Mike who says, “It’s just a simple but to the point outfit as I feel that my green shirt is a great match with the frog’s coloring. I automatically knew what I wanted to wear when I saw this!” Great job, Mike! Your shirt is right on point and even the background echoes the background colors of the painting.

SIA - Leap Day Frog

Next we have Stephanie. Look at all the polka dots! I can see how she took inspiration from the frog’s toes and the olives and added them in with the details in her scarf and skirt.


Then there’s Jen in one of my favorite unexpected color combinations: bright green, black and white! And I love that her lipstick is bright red which is a fun way to bring in the red in the painting without wearing something red. Get all the details on her outfit here.


Finally, it’s Salazar who had the most perfect accessory for this painting: a lily pad brooch! Plus, she has the tropical background going for her, too. Did you know Salazar lives in Vietnam?


And then, of course, there’s me! You can get all the details in yesterday’s post.


Thank you everyone for participating and making my first time hosting Style Imitating Art so fun!

2 replies on “SIA: Leap Year Frog Outfit Round Up

  1. Mike

    Great job everyone! All of the green is so refreshing to see. 🙂 And thanks for the great introduction for my picture, Erin! And yeah, I didn’t even think that the background (the furnace door for our apartment) would match up with the background in the painting!
    So happy that I was able to participate and again I say thank you to our SIA curators for allowing me to participate. 🙂

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