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Favorite Outfit of February

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

At least one of you said that you liked my little list last month of stuff I did during the month. So, here it is again!

In February, I:

  • Traveled to Tampa
  • Ran my fastest half marathon ever
  • Won enough money to cover my drinks at the horse racing track and come home with $4
  • Participated in my first paid in-person focus group (about grocery shopping and store brands)
  • Tried two new-to-me restaurants (RPM Steak and Forno Rosso)
  • Met a ton of Chicago foodie Instagrammers at an event at Fremont
  • Visited the Garfield Park Conservatory for the first time
  • Published 21 blog posts!
  • Continued to lift literal tons of weight at the gym
  • Became the VP of Education for my work’s Toastmasters club
  • And, of course, worked my regular day job

So, while I was doing all of that, what outfit was my favorite? Actually, I think it was one that’s pretty much a throwback to how I used to dress.


When I dress like this I still feel powerful and professional. Plus, it was nice to bust out some color in what is generally a fairly dreary month.

But, enough about me. I want to know what YOU think! Which of the outfits below was your favorite in February?


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What was your favorite outfit of February?

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