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What the Chicago Auto Show Product Specialists Wear


Last year when Jason and I went to the Chicago Auto Show I remember being really impressed with a few of the outfits that the Product Specialists were wearing. Jason commented that I should do a blog post all about what the Chicago Auto Show Product Specialist wear. So, when we went to the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, I did!

Several of the product specialists were a little confused by my request to take a photo so that I could recreate their outfits on my blog. I gave them a business card and, once I explained that it was going to be positive press, most were happy to pose and share where their outfits were from.

First up, we have the Fiat product specialist who was showcasing the Fiat 124 Spider. I didn’t get a chance to ask her who made her dress, but with my super Google-fu I was able to find it online. I couldn’t find her exact shoes, though, but I found some that are close!


Exact Dress | Similar Shoes

I tried to focus on product specialists who were wearing “uniforms” that included items I would love to have in my own closet. The KIA specialists had a nice black, white and red pallet that included this neat zip-front top from BCBG.


Exact Top | Similar Pants | Similar Shoes

The first product specialists we ran into were the ones from Honda and they were super happy to pose for a photo! Their dress is from Rebecca Taylor and I loved it.


Exact Dress

One thing I noticed was that the uniforms tended to consist of either a leather jacket, blouse and pants or a dress. A few brands had their staff in more casual clothes but most stuck to one of these two formulas. GMC was no exception. I complimented her on her Halogen jacket and she said that sadly she had to give it back after the show.


Exact Jacket | Similar Top | Similar Necklace

The product specialists for Chevy were super excited to share with me that their pants were from The Limited! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the exact pair online, but I got close. The jacket was also a tough one to find. They said the brand was Chelsea28, which is a Nordstrom brand. However, I wasn’t able to find it on the Nordstrom website.


Similar Pants | Similar Jacket | Similar Shoes

Finally we have the outfit that I remember admiring at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. The product specialists from Buick had these amazing leather navy jackets. Turns out their from Vince, the same brand as my new purse.  Serious drool action going on here.


Exact Jacket | Similar Top | Exact Pants | Similar Shoes | Exact Clutch

We did have a “one that got away” moment and we didn’t get a chance to photograph the Ford product specialists. They were wearing blue and black dresses like this with black shrugs.

And, it occurred to me afterward that I should have taken a photo of the men manning the Volkswagen area. They had on snappy sport coats, button-down shirts and ties with dark jeans.

Jason commented that finding and photographing the product specialists was kind of like hunting big game. We had a blast doing it! Plus, I got to find out how to recreate their awesome outfits.  So, even if you’re not a huge car buff, I can still recommend going to the Chicago Auto Show to check out the fashion!