Cocktails for Charity [Things to Do in Chicago]


Note: this post is not sponsored although Revae did offer me a bottle of Sirop in exchange for helping her promote her fundraiser. 

A few years ago I attended an awesome mixology class with Femme du Coupe at the home of another blogger. I loved it so much that I ended up hosting one at my house with my friends for my birthday.

Revae came to my apartment fully armed with everything we’d need to make some tasty, tasty drinks. From what I recall, we had a great time and drank some tasty beverages. I even  learned how to mix a drink using the shaker cup and a glass. The secret is in the palm of your hand, literally.


Recently I found out that Revae is training for the Lavaman Triathlon in Hawaii with Team in Training. As a newbie triathlete myself (who also loves booze) I am all for supporting other triathletes! Which is why I wanted to share Revae’s Will Tri for Booze event with you:


All the details here: 

Revae is also the force behind the drinks at Bar Siena which is just up the street from me. So OF COURSE I plan to attend her mixology class fundraiser there on March 2nd.

However, if that date doesn’t work for you, she’s got two others plus a cocktail hour coming up. Heck, I might just go to the cocktail hour, too.

Trust me. Revae creates awesome drinks and you will have a great time learning how to make them.


So, who’s joining me??