Four things to have in your fitness arsenal (Fitness Friday)


I’ve written posts in the past about what I consider to be running essentials, but since running is just one piece of my current fitness life AND that post is super old, I thought it only appropriate to share some of my current fitness necessities.

First up, I am in LOVE with my Old Navy mesh leggings. I wear them to the gym to lift, I’ve worn them running, and, heck, I even wear them around the house. They are super comfortable and the mesh gives them not only some breathability but a little bit more personality than a solid pair of black leggings.


same sports bra | similar Nikes

In fact, when Valerie saw me in them a few weekends ago she couldn’t believe they were from Old Navy. The look and the quality is just that good. And, yes, they say “compression” but, no worries, the wide waistband won’t give you a muffin top.


Oh hi there, super grumpy Instagram husband 

Next up is the iPhone app Gym Hero. I use this to log all my weight lifting workouts and even upgraded to the premium version (heck, it was only $4). I know some people like to keep a paper log (and if you do, I recommend JournalMenu) but since I already have my phone on me in the gym it’s just as easy to log everything right there. I like that I can easily see what weights I lifted for a particular exercise the last time I did that exercise. Keeps me honest and helps me to progress. If I did 65 pounds last time, why not try 70 this time?


When I first started this whole weight lifting as a primary form of working out thing, I used Thinner, Leaner, Stronger, which I’ve mentioned several times. But after awhile I wanted something else. That’s when I started using Lynette as my “coach”. I’d followed her fitness journey on Instagram for awhile and knew she was a personal trainer with some kick-butt experience. I also know she’s a real person with ups and downs who totally understands that life is not all about working out. She comes up with KILLER (in a good way!) workouts and helps me do that whole macros thing I mentioned last week. If you want to start lifting and eating differently but have no clue where to start I can highly recommend Lynette. Oh, and her Youtube videos are great. I think if you sign up with her and mention me we both get some kind of deal, too. Although I’m honestly not sure how that works.

Anyway, speaking of macros and tracking food, I’m sure you all know about MyFitnessPal. And if you don’t, well, you should! I actually shelled out money for this, too, so that I could customize my carbs, fat and protein numbers. Whether you want to track calories or macros, this website and app make it super easy. My friend Jess even lost around 100 pounds tracking her food using  it! Of course, I don’t track every day but it does help me know what I’m doing in general.

So, there you have it. The four items I am in love with right now in my fitness journey.

And, no, I wasn’t paid or asked to write about any of these things. I honestly spent my own money on all of them!


4 replies on “Four things to have in your fitness arsenal (Fitness Friday)

  1. Anne

    I haven’t tried the mesh ones, but in general, I love Old Navy’s leggings. They started making a high-rise version recently (last year maybe?) that I LOVE because the regular ones sat a little lower than I liked. I just love that they actually stay put, no matter what I’m doing. That’s hard to find in workout pants!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I LOVE Old Navy’s workout clothes. Well, if we’re being honest, I love Old Navy in general. I think a lot of people still associate them with those late-90s flag t-shirts and all of that, but I think they’re a really phenomenal store – fashionable clothes, good prices, good quality items. Love that store!

    Out of pure curiosity, do you still work with a personal trainer as well? I was wondering how that fit into following a workout plan – if you take your plan to your trainer and say, “Here, this is what you’re making me do today,” or if you use a combination of his/her plans and Lynette’s, or if you’re not using a trainer at all anymore, which would solve that “how to fit both of these things in” issue entirely! Haha.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I still work with my trainer. I do workouts with him one day a week and then I fit in the workouts from Lynette the other days. She doesn’t have me do the exact same things as my trainer so it works out well.

  3. Valerie

    I still can’t believe those are from Old Navy. I have some SuperCash for February so these may make it in my cart…

    And that sports bra is legit- gorgeous!

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