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The most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

So, for this month’s Third Thursday Threads with Bri from Work Clothes, I Suppose we’re supposed to write about our most cherished item. The one we coveted, saved up for, will repair before we donate/toss. You get the picture.

Whenever anyone asks me this, I always answer with my black Cole Haan boots. Why? Because they were what I consider to be my first “adult” purchase. See, after I graduated college I moved back to my hometown, got a job, and eventually worked part time and went to graduate school part time. Heck, Jason and I even bought a house! But where I worked wasn’t exactly “professional” dress and I was always running up and down stairs, hauling boxes, or kneeling on the floor. Not to mention lugging around boxes of historical documents and ledgers from the late 1800s. Dusty, dirty work. I wore mostly clothes from the Junior’s department and very rarely wore heels.

But I had a pair of black kitten heel faux leather knee high boots that I loved. And when they finally fell apart I wanted to replace them. Shortly after we moved to Chicago I found myself at one of the major malls in the Chicago suburbs looking for a new pair of boots. And I found the perfect ones. Except they were at Cole Haan and cost more than I’d ever spent on anything.


That was 8 years ago. I didn’t save up for them like I should have but I bought them and I’ve wore the heck out of them. I’ve gotten the heel tips replaced several times and even though the pointy toe is a bit dated and I’m back in a job where I rarely wear heels, they’ll always have a place in my closet. In fact, I just wore them again on my birthday with black jeggings, a hot pink sweater, and a black blazer.

This particular style, of course, is no longer sold. The closest thing Cole Haan has right now is these.  And these ones are similar but MUCH cheaper.

What about you? What is that “one” item in your closet? Linking up with Bri’s Third Thursday Threads