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Is it bad to take nexium long term

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For my birthday this year my husband bought me a new pair of earrings. He likes to buy me jewelry and he usually does a good job. This year he bought me a pair of ear crawlers. This is an earring trend I’ve found intriguing but wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit. See, I have relatively tiny ears and I just didn’t know if they would work.

So, husband to the rescue!



Admittedly, they do take some finagling to get on just right. However, I discovered that you can actually wear them three different ways. At least, I can since I have two holes in each ear.

The first way is as designed, where you thread the back through your ear and then turn the earring up so the back lays along the back of your ear and the gems are on the front. If you have tiny ears like mine this may require some bending of the earring back to get it to stay in place.


The second way is to just wear them like regular drop earrings. In fact, turns out that I actually already owned a pair of ear crawler earrings that I was wearing as drop earrings: these star ones! I just didn’t realize they could be worn as ear crawlers. But lo and behold, take a look:


same from Le Tote | similar

Finally, if you have two (or more!) holes like me, you can wear the ear crawler in the higher hole and a regular earring in the lower one.


This is how I wore them out to dinner for my birthday last week. My husband also gave me the other earrings for Christmas and wanted to show off all my new bling.

Again, though, if you have tiny ears like me not all ear crawlers will work. Take, for example, the pair I just recently got from Le Tote.


There is no way these are going to stay on my ears if I move my head. They are cute, though. If a little over the top.

What do you think of the ear crawler trend? Would you wear them? Which of the three above is your favorite?