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Setting the baseline [Fitness Friday]


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At work I belong to our company’s Toastmasters group. You’ve probably heard of Toastmasters but in case you haven’t, it’s an international organization with chapters all over the place. The goal is provide a safe environment to practice public speaking. When you start they give you a booklet of 10 different types of speeches and you work your way through it.

What in the world does this have to do with my new Fitness Friday theme?

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the past 18 months or so is that working out is just part of the equation. I mean, we all know the rule of thumb is to eat less and move more, right? But what if the answer is just to eat the “right” types of things while moving more? And what if that “moving more” doesn’t mean cardio?

So last week I did my speech that required “research.” I fully admit that I cheated and spoke about the way I’ve been eating for the past year and a half: counting macros.

If you’ve never heard the term “macros” before then, yes, it would require research to understand it. But basically it boils down to instead of just counting calories you count grams of carbs, protein and fat. I read the book Thinner, Leaner, Stronger and then actually paid Muscle for Life to figure out my initial macros and meal plan.


In conjunction with following the strength workouts provided by the book I found that I lost fat but gained so much muscle. And, yes, it makes me look awesome.  But it also made me stronger, faster, and, I have to say, at age 36 I’m probably in the best shape of my life. Looking great is just icing on the cake.


Woo hoo! Bathroom mirror selfie!

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I’ve written about it before but, seriously, I’m really enjoying seeing the results of combining how I eat with how I workout. Not only in how I look, but also in that my running times are faster without doing all the speedwork that got me injured several years ago. And, as I learned on New Year’s Eve, being strong has practical applications. Case in point: going to the store and walking the half mile home carrying 6 bottles of wine, a case of beer, ice cream and brownie mix.

So, on these Fitness Friday posts I’ll probably talk about the workouts and races I do, some recipes I make that “fit my macros”, and, of course, my favorite workout gear (when appropriate). And if there’s anything specific you want me to talk about, let me know!

Also, I’ll try not to share too many humblebrag photos. That’s why I have Instagram. Just kidding. Kind of.