Daily Archives: January 12, 2016

Best and Worst Purchases of 2015


One of the great things about tracking your shopping and what you wear on a regular basis is that you get a pretty good idea of what you actually wore after you bought it.

To that end, here are what I consider to be my best and worst purchases of 2015.


Tee (purchased in April) | Old Navy workout leggings (purchased in October) | Old Navy jeggings (purchased in November) | Polka dot sneakers (purchased in April)

The leggings and the tee may not have made the blog in outfits, but I wear them all the time. All the time. And I fully admit to having a mea culpa moment with jeggings. I poo-pooed them but, dang, they’re comfortable. Especially when you struggle finding jeans that fit your legs and your waist.

I probably could have gone through all my 2015 outfits and found the items I wore the most often (and I might still do that) but in terms of items that I feel awesome in when I wear them, these four pieces are it. And my white blazer. I suppose I shouldn’t forget that! In fact, it’s probably my most worn item of 2015!

Now, moving on to the not-so-great items.


J. Crew Factory Cardigan (purchased in February ) | BB Dakota vest (purchased in September)

I bought this cardigan because I wanted something that was more comfortable than wearing a gray blazer but would give a similar look to an outfit. Sadly, this cardigan is WAY too casual to serve that purpose. It’s thin and tends to cling instead of just hanging nice and straight. I’ve worn it to work in a few (unphotographed) outfits but always feel like I’m tugging or adjusting it. However, I do wear it around the house so I suppose it’s not a total loss.

The vest, though, I wore once (again, unphotographed) and decided it wasn’t what I wanted. I actually ended up replacing it with a more tailored one. The original one was, again, just too casual. It was unlined and actually had an almost-racerback. Weird. It also had a tie in the back that reminded me just a tad too much of how I dressed in high school. Anyway, I have it listed on Poshmark and, once spring is closer, if it hasn’t sold I’ll take to the consignment shop.

Overall, though, out of all the things I bought in 2015 to only have two that I regret? I think that means I made good purchasing decisions.