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Now that 2015 is officially over I thought it would be fun to compare my favorite outfits of the year with your favorites outfits of the year using the results from my monthly polls. It was interesting to see when you agreed with me and when you had a different favorite. Believe it or not, you rarely agreed with me!



In fact, the only times you agreed with me were February (which was actually a tie with the red dress), November and December!

Looking back over my favorites for the past year I’m trying to see a pattern in what I loved and what you loved. There are some repeats like my white jeans, my denim jacket, and colorful patterns and prints. But, honestly, I don’t see a theme or anything that would allow me to say “this is my style”.

And that’s okay. I don’t think you need to define your style. It’s okay to say you like something but not really know why. It’s also okay to make some sartorial mistakes. For example, looking at the collage of my 2015 favorites, I actually really dislike the one I picked for January when compared with all the other months.

When I started my current job with its more casual dress code I said I wasn’t going to become the person who wears jeans every day. Well, I wear jeans a lot. Some of that is because my dress pants are all currently too big and it seems silly to replace them. Some of that is because jeans are just fun (and easy) to wear! Especially when it’s cold and skirts or dresses are just asking for frozen lower extremities thanks to my commute.

So, in terms of style, I don’t think you’ll see a lot of differences in 2016. I am trying to cut down on my spending, though, so you might not see much in the way of new items. But I have a feeling you’ll be okay with that.

I also might start including some more non-style posts although I haven’t quite figured out what that would look like. More fitness related stuff? More life stuff? Is there something you’d want to see?

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with my nine most liked Instagram photos of 2015.  A different kind of favorites, if you will.


9 replies on “Top 2015 Favorites

  1. Valerie

    Oh that is so interesting! Love seeing if there would be any repeating colors, patterns, etc. that you reach for, or if your style has changed over the year (I feel like mine has!)

    And I totally think we should hold each other accountable for clothing spending…help me resist the temptation! Totally helps when you have a fellow shopaholic (I mean buddy) doing it with ya 🙂

      1. Valerie

        I don’t think it has changed too much! I feel over past years, your style has become very classic– lots of solids with a few patterns here and there as opposed to lots of patterns/colors, etc. all in one outfit. Or great neutrals as a blank canvas and nice completer pieces like scarves, necklaces, fun shoes, etc. Or maybe that’s what I’m pulling from my head because it’s how I like to dress too 🙂

  2. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    My personal fave of the month almost never aligns with the reader poll fave, either! (Or my husand’s fave.) Going through the collages, the one that caught my eye the most was the white pants and cardigan (?) with the bright jewel tone top and black strappy heels.

    And btw, I’m doing a mini-series of 2015 faves the rest of this week, ending on Friday with a monthly retrospective of different faves. Love that we are often on the same wavelength! 🙂

    And I vote yes for more life stuff. I’ve been thinking about doing a “day in the life” kind of thing, as I always find that interesting on other style bloggers’ sites.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      As I mentioned in the comment on your blog, I think I’m going to wear that top again for the SIA next week! I have an idea on how to wear it and then I can do a collage of three different ways I’ve worn it that I think all go with the painting. Perfect, right?

      Still trying to figure out how to incorporate more life stuff. You and Sam do so many interesting things that I feel like I get glimpse into your life when you take photos on your adventures. We’re….not so interesting over here 🙂

  3. Bri Marie

    Love the comparison between your favorites and our favorites. And mixing in the insta pics is so fun. And yes – I love hearing about more than just fashion – fitness, food, friends, whatever that means to you!

  4. Emily @ Out and About

    Super interesting to hear about the contrast between your readers’ favorites and yours! I personally love uniqueness and diversity – so I particularly like your outfits that are easily wearable but also catch your attention. In terms of other topics, I like hearing about your life and what you are up to in general!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      So, which of the favorites of the year is your overall favorite?? I think I did a poll for that last year but I kind of forgot to do it this year!

      Do you prefer when blogger intersperse their life stuff into all posts or do regular posts dedicated to those topics?

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