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Favorite Outfit of December

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Happy new year! We’re at that point where all the tv shows and blogs are doing countdowns of things that happened in 2015 and I’m still over here asking for you to vote on the best outfit for a single month.

No worries, though, if you’re a fan of “best of” lists and “year end” lists I’ll have one of those up soon. Provided, of course, you vote for your favorite outfit of December so I can include it. That’s how it works over here at Loop Looks.

Anyway, when I posted my faux fur scarf outfit I said it would be my favorite. Turns out, there was also another close contender. But, in the end, yes, I went with the original pick.


My other favorites? All the pattern mixing in the outfit I wore to Bombobar and my sparkly holiday outfit. Opposite ends of the spectrum, eh?

So, tell me, what was your favorite from December?


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What is your favorite outfit of December?

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