Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 16]

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Recently AJ of AJ Wears Clothes asked if any of us style bloggers with puppies would be interested in modeling her husband’s new line of Fur & Collar tees. Of course I jumped at the chance. A fun graphic tee that professes my love for my pup? Yeah, I think I can handle that.

Additionally, it gave me the perfect opportunity to use the tee to recreate an outfit I’d saved from AJ’s blog!


Tee – c/o Fur & Collar (same) | Cardigan – H&M via clothing swap (similar) | Necklace – Randolph Street Market (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar)  | Shoes – Nine West (same)

Fur & Collar has shirts for all kinds of specific dog breeds, including Frenchies, Corgis, and Labs to name a few. And if you order by tomorrow (December 8th) you’re guaranteed to get it before Christmas. Perfect for the dog lover in your life, right? Plus, 50% of the total profits from the sales of the Rescue tee that I’m wearing will go to a charity or organization that helps with the rescue or adoption of dogs and cats.


Chewie is a rescue and we’re told he’s a German Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Not sure how accurate that is, though. We adopted him when he was 8 months old and he’s currently just over two years. People still think he’s a puppy, though, because of his ears and his long legs.

Chewie is very, very protective and it takes him a long time to feel comfortable in new spaces or with new people. And, sadly, he tends to display his discomfort by being aggressive. I originally wanted a chill dog that we could take to patios or on trips but, alas, we got this furface. My track record when adopting dogs isn’t the best but we always love them anyway. And other than his anxiety issues, Chewie is a pretty awesome dog. He goes for 10 mile runs with me, loves to play with other dogs at the park, doesn’t bark at random things while inside our apartment, has never destroyed anything of consequence and learns things pretty quickly. If only he didn’t hate people…


There was another dog walking by when were taking these photos outside the new Google offices. Chewie was very interested since he loves other dogs…as long as they don’t bark or lunge at him. 

4 replies on “Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 16]

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    We were always told that my old dog was a rat terrier, though I had my suspicions. He didn’t look all that much like a rat terrier, or at least not your normal rat terrier, like this: (though apparently this: is a rat terrier, too, and that looks a lot like my puppy). Also his temperament could NOT have been more different than what’s described on that website haha. My dog was like Chewie, except he did bark at random objects (well, “random” – animals, people, and cars in our driveway, primarily) and he was terrified of other dogs along with hating people. What a gem! Hahaha. But I loved him anyway, since we was my bestest fwend 🙂 Those shirts are so adorable! Someday when I become a dog mommy obsessed with her dog (which I inevitably will be), I’ll have to get one that matches what I have.

  2. Gina

    Aw, Chewie is a very handsome dog! Love these pictures of the two of you. I also love the idea of these t-shirts! I know at least one person who would love one for Christmas, although I actually don’t know what breed of dog they have, so I probably better not guess and get it wrong! LOL.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. Emily @ Out and About

    What a fabulous opportunity – you are definitely the perfect model for the Fur & Collar tees! It’s wonderful to hear the sale proceeds are going to a good cause, too. BTW – love the display of your hair’s new red highlights in that first picture! It looks fab! (I couldn’t really see the highlights on the Odyssey cruise last week because the lighting was too dark.)

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