November Shopping Summary


Two interesting things to note from November. The first is that I didn’t buy anything during black Friday (although I did break down and buy the Vince Messenger Bag I mentioned last week…but I actually ordered it on Thanksgiving). The second is that I bought jeggings. And leggings. I don’t know who I am anymore.


Old Navy Black Jeggings  | Old Navy Leggings | Nordstrom Vest | Old Navy Cardigan  | Sports Bra | Not pictured: another pair of Old Navy jeggings, Old Navy mesh workout leggings and top

The sports bra was an add-on so I could get the extra 15% discount at Shopbop. It’s got a fun back, though, so it will look neat underneath the mesh workout top from Old Navy. Which is currently my favorite top to wear to the gym.

And speaking of the gym, that’s totally why I bought jeggings. With all the weight lifting I’ve been doing most of my jeans fit great in the thighs but are too big in the waist. Jeggings seem to fix that problem. Also, my black Gap skinny pants that I’d had for years were just too big at this point so I decided to replace them with black jeggings.

Also, I KNOW I JUST bought a white vest back in September but after wearing it once I decided I didn’t like it that much. So,  it’s now for sale on Poshmark and I replaced it with this one from Nordstrom that I like SO much better. I promise I will wear this one, soon. It’s basically exactly the same as my white blazer but sleeveless. Perfect.

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