Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 15]

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I pinned this outfit a year ago and had all the pieces to recreate it….except for the shoes. It occurred to me when I finally wore it that I could have worn my leopard flats but, look, I finally have brown flats so I was going to wear them!


Sweater – Forever 21 (similar) | Shirt – J. Crew (similar) | Pants – The Limited (same) | Shoes – Dr. Scholl’s (same) | Watch – Nixon c/o Shopbop (same)

Also, I know everyone was gushing about the weather in Chicago being abnormally warm for the first part of November but, I have to say, I was enjoying it, too. I mean, I wore this outfit with just my trench coat and was perfectly fine! Even with flats and exposed feet. Crazy, right? This time last year it was boots all the time.


Also, funny story about this plaid shirt. See, originally I got it in a size 2 as a gift. That size always felt a little bit tight across the shoulders and in the armpits, though, so after a few months I sold it on eBay and bought it in a size 4.

Then I was wearing it at work about a month ago. I went to the gym on my lunch break and when I put the shirt back on afterward I realized I had hulked-out of it and there was literally a shredded hole under one arm! Not on seam, either. A legit shredded hole just in the fabric.

I guess there is a downside to weight lifting.

Anyway, I loved that shirt so much (clearly since I’d already bought it myself once) that I immediately took to eBay again. However, this time I couldn’t find it in a 4….so I bought a 6. And it still fits! I probably paid too much for a used shirt, but, hey, when you like something you like something.


4 replies on “Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 15]

  1. Erin

    I love this look, and I completely understand about re-finding something you love! I’ll confess I just did it with a pair of navy velvet Mary Janes for my 18-month-old daughter. She wore the original shoes for Christmas last year and I loved them so much I found them on ebay (and way over paid) to have them in her size for this year. Also, I’m loving the combo of plaid, navy and red! I have a pair of red pants I never know how to wear, I’ll have to recreate this look!

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    I know it was a pain to have to rebuy the shirt in a larger size, but I think it’s really cool that you hulked out of the previous shirt! Power to you (literally!)

    This is such a great holiday look! Love the red paired with the blue and plaid!

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