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Current Fitness Essentials [Giveaway!]

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As you probably know, I’m a bit of a fitness geek. I love lifting weights, running races, riding my bike, and (begrudgingly), swimming. I go to the gym almost every day on my lunch break and in the past few months I’ve really gotten into lifting heavy with a trainer. I can currently deadlift 1.8x my body weight as well as benchpress 67% of my body weight.

Yeah, it makes me feel pretty badass.

What doesn’t make me feel badass, though, is the bruises I get on my shins from deadlifting. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen that I typically wear capris to the gym. Well, those aren’t really good for protecting my legs although they are good at keeping me cool.

Which is why ever since I discovered the existence of leggings with mesh insets I’ve been obsessed! I’m currently in love with about 10 different pairs and I may have already ordered a few.


Top Secret | Old Navy |  Heroine Sport | Old Navy

 Splits59  |Lucy  | Koral Activewear

Michi Pysche  |  Michi Psyloque | lululemon

Aren’t these amazing? Sigh. I’d have all of them if I could. And, you know what? Since Shopbop is currently having their Friends and Family sale I can get some of them for 25% off making my dreams (almost) come true!


Sale ends October 15, 2015, at 11:59pm PT

Another items I’ve been using in the gym is the SlimClip phone case. I received one for free to try out and I have to say that although it has its issues, when I’m lifting it’s nice not to have a regular armband constricting my biceps. I also need quick access to my phone to log my reps and weights and an armband tends to be annoying. I’ve also worn it while running and it would have worked really well except for the leash I use on my dog also goes around my waist and the two interfered with one another. If I run sans leash, though, it would work fine. No bouncing!


My only issues with the SlimClip case are 1. not all phone chargers seem to fit in the hole they have for charger access and 2. if you put your phone into the case it can be really difficult to get it out. In fact, I actually broke one of the ones they sent me trying to get my phone out. But, they have a free 365 day replacement guarantee so I can send it back for a replacement.

However, if your charger works fine (as in, it’s not a knock-off Amazon charger) then there’s no reason you couldn’t just leave your phone in the case. It’s actually a pretty nice case in and of itself.


Anyway,  if you’re interested in trying a SlimClip case, I have three to giveaway! Two pink and one yellow. The only catch is you need to have an iPhone 5. Yes, you need to be in the dark ages like me.

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  and more-5I was given the SlimClip case free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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