The Hunt For Brown October

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For at least a year I’ve seen women wearing brown flats. They’re all pretty similar and pretty basic. But, look, a casual brown flat is something I don’t have and something I find myself wishing I could reach for all the time.

For example, I saw this outfit on Pinterest and knew I had all the pieces to recreate it…except for brown shoes. So, instead, leopard to the rescue!


Vest – Old Navy swapped from Jen (similar) | Top – Old Navy (similar) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Shoes – Steven c/o Shopbop (similar)

Still, I’m on the lookout for brown flats. I ordered these from Zappos but when they arrived I noticed several things:

  1. They came up MUCH higher on my foot at the toes than I like. The vamp, I believe it’s called, covered up my tattoo and just looked really dowdy. However, if you don’t like “toe cleavage” then you might like the rise.
  2. The color wasn’t uniform. It was mottled and lighter in spots and darker in others.
  3. The heel still slipped even though it fit fine in the width at the toe.

So, back they went! I’ve now got these on order. My red MIA flats have lasted me for over 10 years at this point so I think if these fit they should last me awhile. If they don’t work, though, I think my next try will be these. Although, I have a Zappos gift card so I’d prefer to order from there. Suggestions are welcome!


P.S. These are probably the last photos on my rooftop for awhile. Apparently they are closing it to repair our building’s roof. Sad face for me but I suppose a happy face for the people who are tired of leaks.

4 replies on “The Hunt For Brown October

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I ‘ve been wearing the same pair of brown flats ever since high school — early high school, at that. I bet I’ve had them for 10 years at this point. They’re not exactly super stylish–kind of more like flat Mary Janes than flats–but for shoes that came from Payless, they’ve held up quite well! I don’t wear them very often anymore, though, mostly because I feel like they look too dated. I do occasionally still wear them to church in the fall, though, since they work well for that sort of situation (and I’m not all that concerned that anyone notices my footwear while I’m at church haha).

  2. Dee

    I agree with Jodi…………too plain if you go with brown flats. LOVE the leopard, it adds just that ping of interest…………I just bought another pair of classic Bass Wejun penny loafers, they would work well with any outfit…………and they are warmer than some lower cut flats.

  3. Sally

    I adore my Frye Regina ballet flats (purchased at Zappos). They seem to have a bit more personality than most plain brown flats.

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