Le Tote Party: What I Wore

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Thank you for weighing in on my outfit decision for the Le Tote party I hosted last week! I ended up going casual even though I don’t really have another place to wear that dress.

IMG_8424Top – Le Tote (same) | Necklace – Le Tote (same) | Jeans – LOFT (same) | Jacket – Langford Market (similar) | Shoes – Nine West (similar open toe

IMG_8431The party was a blast although hosting made it difficult to great people, mingle, eat, drink, and take photos. So, I mostly got still shots instead of photos of actual people doing actual things. But I promise people actually came!


And shout-out to my neighbor, Margaret, for helping me carry everything to the restaurant and helping me get it set-up.

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me ask if I should walk a mile home after getting a bunch of balloons inflated or if I should get a cab. The consensus was cab but I ended up walking! Why? Because the people at the store where I got them inflated (Doolin’s on Halsted for you Chicago-peeps) put them into giant bags with handles so I could carry them easily! And I didn’t even have to ask. I will now be patronizing them for all my party needs.

Le Tote hopes to do more of these parties so hopefully I’ll do another one in the future. It was lovely to meet other Le Tote members and their friends!

Want to become a Le Tote member yourself? Use code ERIN25 for 50% off your first month!


7 replies on “Le Tote Party: What I Wore

  1. Allyson

    I just ordered Le Tote for the first time last week using your ambassador code. Wearing a nice wrap dress today actually! Glad the party was fun!

  2. Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    Looks like so much fun! And I’m glad to know about Doolin’s – it’s always those types of places that you can never find when you’re looking. Google tells you so much but sometimes it’s the little things that make a place worth utilizing.

  3. Maggie

    Bummed I missed this, hopefully I can make the next one! I would really like to check out Le Tote once I can justify it in my budget 🙂

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