One Box, Two Shoes: Part Two

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As you saw on Ampicillin rash I received some Alterre shoes to try out. Why are these shoes special? Because you get two pairs of shoes in one. The bottom of the shoes stays the same and you can change up the look by swapping out the ankle straps.

IMG_8112This is the peg that holds on the straps.

IMG_8110You pop the straps off and on using the provided holes. They also have metal discs that tell you if that strap goes on the left or right shoe.

IMG_8103Ta da! You can see one strap attached and the other color strap just above for comparison.

As I mentioned on Monday, I was sent the Grey Sandal Starter Kit which comes with grey and navy ankle straps.

I wore the navy ankle straps with a navy and white wrap dress from Le Tote.

IMG_2302Dress – Le Tote (same) | Necklace – Le Tote (same) | Shoes – c/o Alterre (same)

IMG_2311Initially, I thought I was going to like the navy and grey combo the best but, as it turns out, I enjoy both sets of shoes equally! I like that one is very classic while the other has a bit of trendiness to it. Both ankle straps were quite comfy as well.

Overall, I enjoyed the versatility of these sandals. The only downside in my eyes is that you have to keep track of “shoe accessories”!

And, in the interest of full disclosure, they do cost $180 for the starter kit. But, if you think about it, you’re basically paying $90 per pair of shoes. That may still seem steep but they are made of quality leather and 5% of the profits go to Restore NYC whose goal is to end sex trafficking in New York.

IMG_2306Of course,  I did get my pair gratis but I wasn’t asked (or paid!) to blog about them. I just think it’s a neat concept that others might enjoy knowing about.

In fact, I might even spend some of my own money on the Black Suede Mule with the Marilyn strap in Stingray.



7 replies on “One Box, Two Shoes: Part Two

  1. sydney85

    The sandals look really nice. Would they fit someone with a wide foot? They do not look too skinny.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I would say I have slightly wider than average feet and I found that initially the strap across the toe was a bit tight. However, the leather is really soft and it did stretch throughout the day.

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    What an ingenious concept!!! Are you able to purchase additional straps a la carte in different colors, too?

    Love that dress, by the way. The cut, design, and pattern are super flattering.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yep! I believe the a la cart straps are $45 which, personally, I think is a bit steep. But, I suppose it’s kind of like getting another pair of shoes for $45. They even have some with tassels and laces!

      I have a post idea brewing about how I never thought I would wear a wrap dress and like it. So, thank you for noticing that the dress is flattering!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Agreed that the grey straps do make the shoes look a bit…matronly. Which is why I was surprised that I got so many compliments on them from women of all ages when I wore them that way!

      And, yes, I could totally use the stingray straps on these. That’s the awesome thing about the Alterre shoes. All their straps and platforms are mix and match.

  3. Chris

    Well isn’t THAT interesting!

    I think the round heel helps keep them from looking too dated, as opposed to a regular block style.

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