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Well hello there little piece of the Internet that I seem to have neglected! I wrote a post about how I miss the days of being able to write whatever I wanted and then left you hanging. I hope you don’t mind. Instead, I spent a week getting ready to go on a business trip and then, well, going on that business trip!

The company I work for bought another company last year. We’re both software companies in the Environmental Health & Safety field and recently my VP asked me if I wanted to go to Oakville, Ontario (about 55 kilometers outside of Toronto) to get trained on the new software. Yes, please!

I left last Sunday and stayed until Friday learning all about the company, their software, and meeting some really awesome people. We also got to attend the U.S. versus Canada men’s volleyball game at the Pan Am Games! And then stayed out way too late checking out the scene in downtown Toronto.

Because the company’s colors are blue I wanted to include that in what I packed. And because we were going to the game I also wanted to wear some red and white for our Canadian hosts.

So, this is what I wore:


Maxi Dress |Jeans | Black Cardigan | Blue Cardigan | Striped Cardigan | Black Top | White Top | Multicolored Top | White Jeans | Black Dress | Skirt | Blazer | Flats | Sandals | Boat Shoes | Red Necklace | Blue Necklace

Packing was stressing me out a bit because I’d been told by another coworker that this office was a bit dressier than ours. I didn’t want to be underdressed but I also didn’t want to be overdressed. Turned out I was just right.

I also wanted some options so I chose pieces that could all coordinate with one another.


Note these aren’t necessarily the exact pieces I own (although some of them are), but they’re pretty close. 

I stuck with the red, black and white palate and threw in some blue and my multicolored top as coordinating but stand-out items. In fact, based on these pieces I could have come up with many more outfits if necessary!

Perhaps the blue cardigan, black top and white jeans? How about the multicolored top with the red blazer and regular denim? Or the red blazer and the black dress? I could go on and on.

And, yes, everything fit in a carry-on, including my toiletries and unmentionables, pjs, a pair of workout clothes (which I washed in the sink so I could do multiple workouts last week) and my gym shoes. Crazy, right?

I think these pieces are going to become my new travel “capsule.” It would certainly make packing easier when I need to dress business casual or if I need to go back to Oakville. And I sincerely hope I get to go back!

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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Beyond the fact that you were able to fit all of this in a carryon, which is super impressive, I think it’s so awesome you got to go to the Pan Am Games! I honestly forgot they were even a thing until a few weeks ago, when they’ve come up at work a couple of times, so I’ve tried to kind of keep tabs on them. Too bad got stuck watching volleyball instead of roller figure skating, though 😛 (which, yes, is apparently a real sport, and a real sport contested at the Pan Am Games. Who knew!).

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I have gotten really good at packing a carry-on 🙂 Or maybe I just have a huge carry-on. Whatever, it fits in the overhead compartment and that’s all I care about! I even managed to pack my hair dryer which, as is turns out, was a good call. The ones in the hotel barely worked!

      I don’t think I’d ever attended a volleyball game before (especially not one where you could buy beer) but thankfully I knew most of the rules from PE in high school. Who knew that would come in handy?

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    The Pan Am games, how awesome! Isn’t Toronto an amazing city? The waterfront is gorgeous and there are so many incredible restaurants.

    Your selection of clothing for the trip is great! It’s so versatile and there are SO many ways you could mix and match or dress up/down! I think my favorite pieces are the sandals, the red blazer, and the black/white sweater.

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