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While everyone else is out there talking about the upcoming holiday weekend (Fourth of July, in case you’re not sure) I’m still in denial that July is upon us. But, it is so let’s do this thing where you vote for your favorite outfit of June!

June was a tough month outfit-wise. I’m really struggling with several things: only a few pairs of my pants and skirts fit, the weather has been so ridiculous, and I’m still not sure how to dress. I read posts about finding your style and choosing your favorite pieces and paring down your closet and I think, yeah, let’s do that! And then I look at a month of outfits and think, you know, I like the variety even if sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes they don’t all work out as well as I thought.

So, you tell me, which of June’s outfits do you like the best? Use the poll below to vote. Or, if you want, leave a comment and tell me which one you think is most “me”!


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What was your favorite outfit of June?

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And of course, what was my favorite outfit? I think it was the one I wore to celebrate my wedding anniversary. Comfy, a bit trendy, but not too out there.

June 2, 2015 + June 3, 2015 - 1 of 7

One last thing: you might have noticed that I didn’t do a vote for May. Well, it’s because I only had 5 outfits to choose from! I did have a favorite, though. You can see it on my Pinterest board.  And, as always, the Outfit Gallery page has all the outfits in one spot.