All the Blues

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

A few Sundays ago, on a warm humid day in Chicago with a threat of rain, I joined my triathlon training friends for a 40+ mile bike ride. Even though it drizzled on us for the first few miles, we ended up having one of those perfect bike rides that gives you a bit of a high. We all stuck around the bike store after the ride chatting and drinking beer until I left to get ready to meet my friend Kelsey for brunch.

I tossed on this outfit because I’d worn it to work earlier that week and it was handy.

05_May_2015 - 7 of 10Jacket – Langford Market (similar) | Scarf  – Le Tote (same) | Dress – BCBG (similar) | Sandals – Sole Society (similar)

It’s interesting because Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose, also got this scarf from Le Tote and thought it was a strange material. However, I really liked it! The only thing I didn’t like was that the dots seemed to be painted on instead of part of the actual fabric. It did give it some texture but I worried that they would eventually fade so I sent it back to Le Tote after wearing it twice.

I also recently got an email from Le Tote inviting me to be part of their ambassador program. I said yes because the requirements are what I’m already doing! Wear items from my Le Tote subscription, blog about them, and share those outfits. What do I get? Purchase credit so if I decide I love something from my Le Tote I can keep it.

In fact, I’m thinking about not doing any more shopping and only using Le Tote for the rest of the summer. Might be a fun experiment! Want to try it yourself? You can get your first month for only $25 if you use this link.

05_May_2015 - 6 of 10

4 replies on “All the Blues

  1. Valerie @ The Style Files

    Love the monochromatic look! Le Tote has really knocked it outta the park with their pieces. They seem to have come a long way since I’ve subscribed and have a ton more stuff! Was considering signing up again to try out some new clothes post-baby. I still have an account but no membership…I wonder if you will get credit if I use your link?

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Hmm, I don’t know! You can also use referral code ERIN25 (which I just got!) to get $25 off your first month. You should see if that works. I’m really liking the options and I really like that you can see what they’re going to send you ahead of time and decide if you want to try and swap it for something else.

  2. Bri Marie

    You definitely wore the scarf well -but good point about the painted on dots wearing off! Love that you’re part of the ambassador program – I would love to see you do a no-shopping-only-le-tote summer challenge!

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