Top 10 Remix Wrap Up + Favorite Outfit of April Voting

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First things first, guys. Remember that Top 10 Remix Challenge I was participating in during April? No? That’s okay. I failed at taking pictures of a lot of the outfits I wore so it didn’t get mentioned much.

I had grand plans to talk about each piece as I wore it but, man, the days all blurred together. But, I promise you, I didn’t cheat (during the work week, anyway). Even on days when I didn’t get a picture I swear I was wearing one of my 10 pieces.

So here are the outfits I wore that were part of the challenge.

top-10-remix-wrap-upClearly the white blazer and the white jeans were the favorites and I had to keep myself from wearing one of them every day. In fact, what I found myself doing was wanting to pair the 10 pieces with each other. I think that picking them just put them foremost in my mind and it was easier to reach for multiples of them instead of picking one and then building an outfit out of the other pieces in my closet.

I wonder if that would make it easier or harder to do a 30×30 challenge (you know, where you pick 30 pieces and that’s all you can wear for 30 days).

From the sounds of it on Sarah’s wrap up post, lots of us felt the same way. It was definitely an interesting experiment and one I would definitely try again. In some ways it makes it easier to get dressed (grab one thing and build an outfit around it) and in other ways it made it more difficult (but I want to wear all things that weren’t on my list!).

What are your thoughts on the challenge?

However, because I started the challenge a bit late I have three outfits for April that weren’t part of my Top 10 Remix. So, in the interest of consistency, I’m including them for the voting portion of this month’s Favorite Outfit.

april-outfits-loop-looks1/2/3/4/The best online pharmacy for viagra | 6/7/8/9/10 | 11/12/13/14/15

What was your favorite outfit from April 2015?

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As for me, what was my favorite outfit? You know, I actually liked quite a few of my outfits this month which is probably because I was basing them off some of my favorite pieces in my closet. But I think the winner is my white blazer and the multicolored top. I mean, I loved the top so much I bought it after borrowing it from Le Tote!


6 replies on “Top 10 Remix Wrap Up + Favorite Outfit of April Voting

  1. Valerie

    Your heels and that Le Tote tank are so freakin fantastic- meant for each other! You did a great job with the remixed outfits! I want to try this challenge soon. Was the challenge for the 10 pieces to go 30 days?

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    So I am having trouble voting for some reason – maybe some IT firewalls since I’m viewing from the office. But my favorite is the jeans with the black t-shirt and the red jacket, purse, and shoes.

    I actually love wearing white pants and a white blazer, with a bright shirt underneath. I think it’s a very chic, summery, yet professional outfit. So I say go on ahead and wear the two together!

  3. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    I picked the same fave as you! Love how the white blazer pairs with the bright top.

    I also felt pressure to capture pics every day for the challenge — just to prove that yes, I was wearing Top 10 items, I swear! — which is why so many times I resorted to flat pics. And the seesaw weather of April made it harder to take pics. And I am totally with you on feeling the urge to pair multiple Top 10 items together — I did that a lot! 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Sounds like a lot of us (Sarah included) struggled with the picture taking more than the outfit creation with this challenge. Funny how that happens.

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