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Happy  Monday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine was super busy and, as such, no outfit photos again today. However, it sounds like many of you enjoyed last week’s Monday post so I hope you enjoy this one.

For the past three years I’ve spent the first Friday and Saturday in May working at the Wisconsin Marathon. A friend and I drive up from Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Friday morning and spend 12 hours on our feet in a hotel conference room handing out race bib numbers and t-shirts. Runners are generally nice people so it’s actually fun. Plus, I get to help answer lots of questions from people who are doing their very first race.

Saturday morning we wake up at 3:45 AM to get ready, eat breakfast, put on all the layers, and get to the race site by 4:45 AM. My friend and I typically work at the runner info booth and this year wasn’t much different other than that we were also doing bib pick-up and registration for the newly added 5K. However, after all the races start we have plenty of time to goof around.


The weather was absolutely beautiful and this was the first year I wasn’t freezing while being outside for another almost 12 hours.

And because I’m crazy I decided that Sunday morning I would also get up early and join my Live Grit team for a 43 mile bike ride. I meant to get a picture of my bike shoes but they’re not all that exciting. The ride, though, that was an adventure. Thankfully other than having a near-miss collision with some of my teammates (everyone is fine; no worries) my ride went smoothly. Not so much for lots of other people in our group, though. We had several mechanical issues, two people missing turns, and lots of other craziness.

By the time we got back from our ride I was exhausted but it was too nice a day to not take Chewie to the dog park. So, off we went so he could play in the water.

chewie_poolOf course I knew I’d get wet so my flip flops made their first dog park appearance. I would apologize for not having my toenails painted but, let’s be realistic, I hardly ever have my toenails painted.

After the park Chewie and I both passed out on the couch until Jason got home from his day of racing his car and we went to dinner at our local bar.

And here we are on Monday. I’ll be putting up a round up of the Top 10 Remix post soon but after that, well, I’m out of outfit photos and not sure when I’ll be taking more. So, don’t worry if you don’t see me around for a few days. However, I do have another fun giveaway to the Randolph Street Market coming up so don’t go too far!

7 replies on “Weekend in Words

  1. Alyssa

    43 miles! Great job! I’m still building up to that kind of distance again. But this weekend was the perfect time to ride! My toe nails have some really old polish on them and it is so chipped and crappy looking but I never get around to taking it off and repainting them.

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I did end up doing my six miler Saturday afternoon, so apparently we’re both crazy. I also promptly passed out at like…9:30 that night. Haha. The same thing happened last night too, actually. That weekend wiped. me. out.

  3. Emily @ Out and About

    Awww, super cute photos! I am amazed that you went for 43 miles with Live Grit after all that you did earlier in the weekend, PLUS take Chewie to the dog park afterwards. You are a powerhouse! And Chewie looks SO HAPPY in the pool!!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      If you’re ever out for a walk or run you should text me and see if we’re at the dog park so you can see Chewie in the pool in action. It’s freaking adorable.

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