Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

Behind the Instagram

About Me

One of my blogging friends, Katie, recently did a post where she showed what was really going on behind the carefully crafted Instagram shots she had shared recently.

I try to do a decent job of sharing both great outfits and not-so-great outfits here on the blog but it can be easy to only show life highlights. I mean, who wants to read about the grumpy stuff all the time, am I right?

Still, I thought Katie’s idea was genius and, after seeing several other bloggers do the same thing, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. It also helps that I haven’t had a chance to take any more outfit photos yet this week so I needed some filler đŸ™‚


Original caption: Apparently someone in unit 416 left the Easter ham in the oven a bit too long.

What I was really thinking: I’m strangely calm about the fact that our building could have burned down. I’m mostly just annoyed that no one can figure out how to turn off the fire alarm. Thank goodness the weather is nice since we have to stand around outside!


Original caption: Radler and gin? Well, okay. #palomino #milwaukee #dangerzone #brunch 

What I was really thinking: I just ran my second fastest half marathon ever and I have no friends or family here to help me celebrate. The bartender took forever to get to me and I’m so lonely and woe is me and OH LOOK FOOD.


 Original caption: A little bummed that I spent a good chunk of a beautiful Saturday inside, but I loved helping people register for the Good Life Race in #oakpark! #fleetfeet #runchi

What I was really thinking: Thank goodness they let me enter registrations and do troubleshooting all day! If I could do this for a living I’d be in heaven.


Original caption:This morning’s post-run fuel brought to you by @eastmanegg and @thewestloopisthebestloop #thewestloopisthebestloop

What I was really thinking: The amazing sandwich I’m about to have is NOT on my diet and I don’t care. But, man, it would be nice if I could eat whatever I wanted no matter how far I ran or how many weights I lifted.