Shopbop Friends and Family Sale: aka my hunt for the perfect shoes


As you probably know, I have a Shopbop widget on my blog and, because of this, I get a shopping credit with them every month. I recently placed a big order BEFORE I learned about the Friends and Family sale going on now. Bummer because I could have gotten 25% off!

image001Ends at 3AM Central Time on Friday, April 10th 

What did I order? Well, two pairs of shoes to start. Sadly, neither of them worked out. So, now they are on their way to being returned and I doubt they’ll make it back in time for me to take advantage of the 25% off sale!

But, you can! And if you order any of these shoes over which I am currently lusting I will be insanely jealous.


Clearly I’m on a sneakers and flats kick right now. Jason wanted to know why I’m buying yet MORE shoes and I said it’s because I’m trying to replace many of my heels with flats.

Annoyingly, I seem to be in-between sizes right now. I used to wear a 7.5 but apparently my feet have SHRUNK! Who knew that was a thing? Anyway, shoes are currently very difficult for me to purchase since they’re usually too loose in the heel width if they fit length-wise or too tight length-wise if they fit in the heel. Thankfully Shopbop has free return shipping!

And, if you’re curious, here are the direct links to the shoes pictured above. Although, if you buy the last one in whatever size I want to order (probably a 7 or a 7.5) I will be very sad.

Also, if anyone has some adorable cognac brown leather ballet flats that they swear by, I’d love to know about it! I just tried some from Banana Republic but I was in-between their sizes. Too bad because they were otherwise perfect.

5 replies on “Shopbop Friends and Family Sale: aka my hunt for the perfect shoes

  1. Valerie

    Not sure how long ago you placed your order, but I called Shopbop for an order I placed at the beginning of the month and told them I meant to take advantage of this sale as a blogger of theirs and they credited me back 25% no questions asked. Fantastic customer service- worth a try!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Good to know! Unfortunately none of the items I ordered worked out so they’re all on their way back. I think the only downside to returning with them is that it sometimes takes two weeks before the credit shows back up!

  2. Bri Marie

    My cognac flats are from Banana Republic, so unfortunately I’m no help there. They are on their way out – I’ve had them for years – so I’m on the hunt for new ones too! Can’t wait to see what you find, when you find them 🙂

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