March Shopping Summary


I’ve discovered something interesting about myself and shopping. I have a lot more willpower at the beginning of the month but when end of the month sales hit I tend to lose control.

Except this month, of course, when Le Tote had a killer sale on items, many of which I’d already gotten in a Le Tote box and knew that I liked. But I swore that was going to be it. And then LOFT also had a killer sale and I placed an order. Much of which is getting returned but I did end up keeping two items.


  • Trading Trunk necklace via Le Tote (same) – $12 on sale (seen here and here)
  •  JOA shirt via Le Tote (same) – $27 on sale (seen here and here)
  • Olive + Oak sweater via Le Tote (same) – $23 (seen here)
  • LOFT skirt – $30 on sale
  • LOFT sweater (same) – $33 on sale

I’ve been wanting a red skirt for AGES and I liked that this one wasn’t a pencil skirt. I have visions of wearing it with a t-shirt and my denim jacket this summer and then with tights and a sweater in the winter.

And the sweater. I know, I know, I already owned basically the same thing. But here’s the deal: the neck on that sweater is just a tad too wide to wear over a collared shirt. And the neck on this LOFT sweater isn’t. So, I’ve decided to get rid of the older one and keep this newer one. I almost returned the LOFT one but then I realized it will be more versatile.

However, I originally ordered it because I’m on the hunt for a lightweight white sweater to wear this spring. Sadly, this is not it.  I’ve almost ordered this one from J. Crew Factory a few times but the price and the fact that it’s a boatneck are deterring me. So, I’m open to suggestions!

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