How to Dress for Valentine’s Day at the Office

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Today’s post is brought you to by three things:

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. Throwback Thursday
  3. I am out of outfit photos for the moment

All of which means I thought  I would give you a retrospective look at what I’ve worn to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work for the past three years.

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I know Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year but maybe you want to be a little festive beforehand at the office. If that’s the case, it’s pretty easy to wear red or pink without resorting to the Valentine’s Day version of a cat sweatshirt.

Actually, come to think of it, does such a thing exist? Hmm, I guess it kind of does.

As you can see, I’m all about colors and not in-your-face patterns when it comes to dressing for Valentine’s Day at work. Just trying to keep it classy over here!

Do you dress up for holidays at work? 

6 replies on “How to Dress for Valentine’s Day at the Office

  1. Jodie filogomo

    I think this is a perfect post for 3 reasons:
    1-This is very realistic of what you should wear at the office
    2-You could wear these outfits at any time (not just Valentine’s Day) and not stick out like a sore thumb
    3-I love seeing more than one outfit at a time!!!
    PS….I really love that pinkish jacket with the red trim—you should totally (what, am I a Valley girl?) wear it more often!!!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Bah! This past weekend I had to dress up for a party, and I was trying to figure out if long cardigan + high waisted skirt was something that could actually work. I was struggling with it big time (I ended up going for a cropped cardigan instead, which was all right, though the sleeves were only 3/4 length as well, which I thought looked a little funny with my long sleeve shirt), but the way you have it styled looks a LOT better than what I was attempting.

  3. Katherine - Engineering In Style

    I wore a blush blazer with a magenta top today, and I don’t even think people noticed I was in Valentine’s Day colors! Ha, engineers. Honestly, I usually forget too. But I agree with your method. I could wear this any day, it just happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day.

  4. Rachel

    Oops, I wore all black to the office today. I guess everyone knows how I really feel! haha.

    I like the all the outfits, but the one on the right is my fave. Cute ideas!

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